Robert Fitzgerald on Immigration


Secure the border and enforce same-pay laws for immigrants

The interests of US workers define our economic needs. Guest worker programs are proposals for government sponsored apartheid, creating a sub-class of workers without rights or ability to participate in our democratic process. Instead, secure the border, train Americans for 21st century jobs, and enforce same-pay laws for immigrants.
Source: Campaign website, www.votefitzgerald.org, "Issues" Oct 31, 2006

Show me 50-foot border fence, I'll show you 51-foot ladder

Q: What should we do on our southern border?

KLOBUCHAR: I believe we need to have order. We need to have adequate border controls, the fence, and no amnesty for companies hiring illegal immigrants; as well as earned citizenship.

FITZGERALD: I do not support a fence on our southern border. $1.2 billion for a fence for 700 miles out of 200 miles--that doesn't get the job done, and more dollars aren't going to get the job done. You show me a 50-foot fence, I'll show you someone with a 51-foot ladder. Until we address the economic disparity between the US and our southern neighbors, we're not addressing illegal immigration at all.

KENNEDY: We have passed 700-mile fencing along the border. I believe that good fences make good neighbors. We've doubled the border patrol; we've ended catch-and-release. We have more to do, but it begins with a conviction that a country that can't control its own borders can't control its own security.

Source: Minnesota 2006 3-way Senate Debate, sponsored by LWV Oct 30, 2006

Making bogeymen of illegal immigrants doesn't address issue

Q: What about immigration reform?

KENNEDY: Ms. Klobuchar came out first for a bill that had nothing in there for a fence. I [didn't agree with that bill] that we should give a veto right to Mexico to control our border.

KLOBUCHAR: The Fargo Forum debunked his claims on my stands on immigration, and said they were distorted and not true. We need comprehensive immigration reform. It hasn't happened.

FITZGERALD: Immigration reform does not involve making bogeymen out of immigrants to scare us during the midterm election. I do not support either bill. The Senate bill for a guest worker program creates a subclass of citizens who cannot take part in our democratic process. That's apartheid. The House bill is a punitive measure that makes felons out of immigrants, making bogeymen to scare us. We need not be afraid. We need comprehensive immigration reform.

Source: Minnesota 2006 3-way Senate Debate, sponsored by LWV Oct 30, 2006

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