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Energy independence-now

Today, the United States imports more than two-thirds of the oil it needs every day. Much of that oil comes from the Middle East, a well-known area of political instability. It's important for the security of our nation that we insist our leaders make a serious commitment towards energy independence-now.
Source: Campaign website, www.FordBell.com, "Issues" Dec 25, 2005

Bush's energy bill supports oil companies, not renewables

The Energy Bill recently passed by our Republican-controlled Congress and signed by the president is nothing more than another initiative to support big business-oil companies. It does little to promote alternatives to oil except for nonrenewable sources like coal and nuclear energy. Without a commitment to renewable sources like wind and solar, we'll find ourselves forever arguing about how to solve our energy problem.
Source: Campaign website, www.FordBell.com, "Issues" Dec 25, 2005

Join the Kyoto Treaty and do what's right

The Kyoto Treaty calls for an aggressive reduction in greenhouse gas and power plant emissions. Instead of joining in on this global effort, our leaders refused to participate. How can the United States, as one of the most advanced and compassionate countries on earth, snub the rest of the world when it comes to this issue? This is inexcusable and contributes to the view that our country is a selfish, capitalist society that's only interested in making a buck-not in doing what's right.
Source: Campaign website, www.FordBell.com, "Issues" Dec 25, 2005

Dependence on foreign oil is a national security threat

Our dependence on foreign oil is another very real threat to our national security-especially oil obtained from the unstable region of the Middle East. Currently, we import more than two-thirds of our oil, and a supply disruption would be disastrous. A serious terrorist attack in Saudi Arabia, e.g., could result in long-term soaring worldwide oil prices and a crippling of our economy. We've seen an example of this problem with the disruption in supplies caused by this latest active hurricane season.
Source: Campaign website, www.FordBell.com, "Issues" Dec 25, 2005

Replace oil dependence with clean, renewable sources

We owe it to the generations that follow to plan for the depletion of our oil deposits. We owe it to our citizens of today to protect them from the instability and whims of foreign oil producers. We have the ability to make a gradual shift towards renewable energy sources if we start now. Developing renewable energy like we've done in Minnesota with wind power and ethanol is an investment in our economy, our environment and our national security. A sensible energy-independence program creates jobs and new technology and frees us from our dependence on oil-in the near term & in the long term. We have an opportunity to lead the world towards clean, renewable sources of energy for the 21st century. Let's seize that opportunity with all the gusto for which Americans are known.
Source: Campaign website, www.FordBell.com, "Issues" Dec 25, 2005

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