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The AmericansElect.org quiz outlines how elected officials and public figures address political topics, plus the relative importance they place on each key topic. The nine key topics are:

We list below summaries of one public figures's issue stances related to each topic, and which AmericansElect.org quiz answer each issue stance indicates. Click on the quiz answer link to see the full original excerpt and citations.
OnTheIssuesLogo Donald Trump

Donald Trump on AmericansElect.org Quiz

2016 Republican incumbent President; 2000 Reform Primary Challenger for President

Quiz Responses
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AmericansElect Question & Answer
(Summary answer based on details in right-hand column)
Based on these stances:
(Click on answers for full excerpt & citation)

Question 1 answer A on Economy:

When you think about the US budget deficit, which of the following solutions is closest to your opinion?
  • A: Cutting existing programs
  • B: More spending cuts than tax increases (mix of both solutions)
  • C: More tax increases than spending cuts (mix of both solutions)
  • D: Raising Taxes
  • E: Unsure
Summary answer 'A' from 7 out of 12 statements:

FactCheck: No, steel & auto investments aren't skyrocketing: D on question 1
Worst recovery since Great Depression; we're in a bubble: A on question 1
Strong on debt limit; ask for a pound of flesh: A on question 1
Grow the economy at 6% annually by ending inversions: B on question 1
Government must cut spending more: A on question 1
0% corporate tax would create millions of jobs: A on question 1
Raising business tax causes businesses to move jobs overseas: A on question 1
4 brackets; 1-5-10-15%; kill death tax & corporate tax: A on question 1
Previously supported wealth tax; now supports Bush tax cuts: A on question 1
Opposes flat tax; benefits wealthy too much: D on question 1
One-time 14.25% tax on wealth, to erase national debt: D on question 1
Tax assets over $10 million, paid over 10 years: D on question 1
This question weighted at 48% importance.
(Relative importance: 12 out of 25 statements.)

Question 2 answer D on Energy:

When you think about America’s energy needs, which of the following solutions comes closest to your opinion?
  • A: Strong investment in renewable energy like wind and solar
  • B: More drilling than investment in renewables (mix of both solutions)
  • C: More investment in renewable than drilling (mix of both solutions)
  • D: Strong focus on offshore drilling and allowing drilling in federal lands including wildlife reserves
  • E: Unsure
Summary answer 'D' from 13 out of 18 statements:

EPA is killing energy companies; 1,000 years of clean coal: D on question 2
America invested in solar panels and it was a disaster: D on question 2
Wind energy projects are industrial monstrosities: D on question 2
Windmills are destroying shorelines all over the world: D on question 2
Solar hasn't caught on because it has a 32-year payback: D on question 2
We need nuclear energy, and we need a lot of it fast: C on question 2
Green buildings take 40 years to get investment back: C on question 2
Expand sales of corn ethanol year-round to 15%: B on question 2
Climate change isn't a hoax, but don't spend trillions on it: C on question 2
Focus on disease & clean water, not "climate change": D on question 2
Climate change is a hoax: D on question 2
FactCheck: US has been #1 producer of oil & gas since 2013: D on question 2
Net exporter for the first time in 65 years: D on question 2
Revive the coal industry; end efforts to curb carbon: D on question 2
Fracking will lead to American energy independence: C on question 2
We have 2 trillion barrels of oil; enough for 283 years: D on question 2
No Cap-and-Tax: oil is this country's lifeblood: D on question 2
It's incredible how slowly we're drilling for oil: D on question 2
This question weighted at 44% importance.
(Relative importance: 18 out of 41 statements.)

Question 3 answer D on Healthcare:

When you think about healthcare reform in the United States, which of the following solutions is closest to your opinion?
  • A: The Government should be the sole provider of healthcare insurance
  • B: The Government should have a major role in providing healthcare insurance
  • C: The Government should have a limited role in providing healthcare insurance
  • D: Only private companies should provide healthcare insurance
  • E: Unsure
Summary answer 'D' from 14 out of 23 statements:

FactCheck: Sued to end pre-existing condition protection: D on question 3
Medicare for All is really Medicare for None: D on question 3
Why can't Medicare simply cover everybody?: B on question 3
Lack of mental healthcare is greatest tragedy today: B on question 3
Focus on greatest bang for the buck, not public health: D on question 3
Insurance companies love a lack of competition: C on question 3
Don't cut Medicare; grow the economy to keep benefits: B on question 3
Make health insurance premiums tax-deductible: C on question 3
Save Medicare & Medicaid without cutting them to the bone: B on question 3
We must have universal health care: A on question 3
FactCheck: Opposed ObamaCare's pre-existing condition law: D on question 3
Strike down ObamaCare as an UNCONSTITUTIONAL disaster: D on question 3
ObamaCare collapses under its own weight if we don't repeal: D on question 3
ObamaCare will never work; repeal it and replace it: D on question 3
The whole of ObamaCare was a fraud: D on question 3
ObamaCare is government control over our everyday lives: D on question 3
Keep pre-existing condition coverage; not individual mandate: C on question 3
Chief Justice Roberts: a disaster who gave us ObamaCare: D on question 3
Replace Obamacare with Health Savings Accounts: D on question 3
ObamaCare is a catastrophe that must be repealed & replaced: D on question 3
ObamaCare deductibles are so high that it's useless: D on question 3
Kill ObamaCare before it becomes a trillion-ton weight: C on question 3
Supports repealing mandated health insurance: D on question 3
This question weighted at 37% importance.
(Relative importance: 23 out of 63 statements.)

Question 4 answer D on Immigration:

When you think about illegal immigration, which of the following solutions come closest to your opinion?
  • A: All illegal immigrants should be able to stay in the US legally
  • B: Most illegal immigrants should be able to stay in the US, with some exceptions
  • C: Most illegal immigrants should be deported, with some exceptions
  • D: All illegal immigrants should be deported
  • E: Unsure
Summary answer 'D' from 18 out of 29 statements:
This question weighted at 32% importance.
(Relative importance: 29 out of 90 statements.)

Question 5 answer A on Foreign Policy:

When you think about the US pursuing its interests abroad, which of the following is closest to your opinion?
  • A: The US should always act in its own interest regardless of what other countries think
  • B: The US should rarely listen to other countries
  • C: The US should listen to other countries more often than not
  • D: The US should always listen to other countries before pursuing its own interests
  • E: Unsure
Summary answer 'A' from 18 out of 28 statements:

America's unique destiny is to be the beacon amongst nations: A on question 5
Iran is a terrorist regime, so withdrew from nuclear deal: A on question 5
Respectfully check mosques; we have to look at profiling: A on question 5
Make America great again: B on question 5
U.S. has become dumping ground for everybody else's problems: A on question 5
Ignore career diplomats who insist on nuance: B on question 5
American interests come first; no apologies: A on question 5
Things change; empires come and go: C on question 5
3% of GNP for military is too low: A on question 5
Use force to stop North Korean nuke development: A on question 5
No humanitarian intervention; only to direct threats: A on question 5
Reject ideology of globalism; embrace doctrine of patriotism: A on question 5
Foreign aid only for allies with shared values: A on question 5
Don't surrender to the false song of globalism: A on question 5
Withdraw from Paris Agreement, to put America first: A on question 5
Replace a Muslim ban with an extreme vetting of Muslims: A on question 5
Jerusalem is Israel's capital but Palestinian capital open: A on question 5
Recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital: A on question 5
Opening gates to Syrian refugees invites in ISIS: B on question 5
Provide economic assistance to create a safe zone in Syria: C on question 5
Stop sending aid to countries that hate us: B on question 5
More sanctions on Iran; more support of Israel: B on question 5
2012: Get tough on Pakistan; 2016: lavish praise on Pakistan: C on question 5
China should make Kim Jong Un disappear: A on question 5
It's good that Putin says nice things about me: C on question 5
No apology for banning Muslims from entering America: A on question 5
Syrian refugees are a Trojan Horse: A on question 5
Supports standing with the nation of israel: C on question 5
This question weighted at 24% importance.
(Relative importance: 28 out of 115 statements.)

Question 6 answer A on Education:

When you think about education in the US, which of the following is closest to your opinion?
  • A: School curriculums should be set entirely at a local school board level
  • B: School curriculums should be set more by local school boards than at a national level
  • C: School curriculums should be set more by national standards than at a local level
  • D: School curriculums should be set entirely at a national standardized level
  • E: Unsure
Summary answer 'A' from 7 out of 13 statements:

I may cut Department of Education: B on question 6
Dept. of Education runs top-down one-size-fits-all system: C on question 6
We spend more per student than any other nation: B on question 6
Common Core is a disaster: A on question 6
Opposes Common Core: B on question 6
Common Core means Washington tells you what to study: B on question 6
Call them vouchers or scholarships; I call it competition: A on question 6
Disadvantaged students are trapped in failing schools: A on question 6
Money follows student to public, private or religious school: A on question 6
Let schools compete: charters, vouchers, and magnets: A on question 6
Bring on the competition; tear down the union walls: B on question 6
School choice will improve public schools: A on question 6
Supports vouchers to let parents choose public or private school: A on question 6
This question weighted at 10% importance.
(Relative importance: 13 out of 126 statements.)

Question 7 answer C on Social Issues:

When you think about the rights of same-sex couples, which of the following is closest to your personal opinion?
  • A: Same-sex couples should not be allowed to marry or form any kind of civil union
  • B: Same-sex couples should be allowed to form civil unions, but not to marry in the traditional sense
  • C: Same-sex couples should be allowed to marry legally, with all the same rights as traditional marriages
  • D: Unsure
Summary answer 'C' from 4 out of 12 statements:

Ban on transgender people serving openly in the US military: A on question 7
Put the Confederate flag in a museum, not on statehouses: C on question 7
Global campaign to end the criminalization of homosexuality: C on question 7
1980s: personal lawyer gay & closeted & Trump kept secret: B on question 7
2000: extend Civil Rights Act to apply to gays and lesbians: C on question 7
Sexual orientation is invalid reason for firing workers: C on question 7
After Supreme Court vote, gay marriage is a reality: B on question 7
Same-sex marriage is a state issue: A on question 7
No gay marriage; no same-sex partner benefits: A on question 7
No gay marriage; no same-sex partner benefits: A on question 7
Tolerate diversity; prosecute hate crimes against gays: B on question 7
Denounce Iran's human rights record via focus on LGBT issues: B on question 7
This question weighted at 9% importance.
(Relative importance: 12 out of 137 statements.)

Question 8 answer A on Environment:

Which of the following statements comes closest to your personal view?
  • A: Natural resources exist for the benefit of humanity
  • B: Natural resources exist for the benefit of humanity, but should be somewhat protected
  • C: Natural resources should be mostly protected, but also exist for the benefit of humanity
  • D: Natural resources exist on their own and should be completely protected
  • E: Unsure
Summary answer 'A' from 6 out of 13 statements:

2008: pushed Scotland golf course despite enviro fragility: B on question 8
Green energy is just an expensive feel-good for tree-huggers: A on question 8
Cut defense budget, & entire EPA & Dept. of Education: B on question 8
Get rid of the regulations that are just destroying us: B on question 8
Won't go to circuses that cut elephants due to animal rights: A on question 8
Good development enhances the environment: B on question 8
Make desalinization affordable; rebuild water infrastructure: D on question 8
WOTUS 2018: limited definition of protected waterways: A on question 8
Overrule Fisheries Commission and allow more fish harvesting: C on question 8
Regulations by unelected officials reward special interests: A on question 8
Cut the EPA; what they do is a disgrace: A on question 8
Asbestos got a bad rap from miners & mob-led movement: A on question 8
Bureaucratic land use reviews make projects unbuildable: B on question 8
This question weighted at 9% importance.
(Relative importance: 13 out of 149 statements.)

Question 9 answer C on Reform:

Which of the following comes closest to your personal opinion?
  • A: To make this country great, we should return to the examples and values of our forefathers
  • B: This country is already great, we shouldn't change a thing
  • C: To make this country great, we should keep building and adapting for the future
Summary answer 'C' from 1 out of 1 statements:

Embrace globalization and international markets: C on question 9
This question weighted at 1% importance.
(Relative importance: 1 out of 149 statements.)

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Rep.Tim Ryan (D-CA)
Adm.Joe Sestak (D-PA)
Rep.Eric Swalwell (D-CA)
Marianne Williamson (D-CA)
Civil Rights
Foreign Policy
Free Trade
Govt. Reform
Gun Control
Health Care
Homeland Security
Social Security
Tax Reform

About Donald Trump:
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To assess the Relative Importance of each answer, observe the citation counts in the left-hand column of the table above. The AmericansElect.org quiz relative importance are the citation counts expressed as pie-chart percentages.

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