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Reverse Gross v FBL Financial: no age discrimination

Q: Will you support or oppose legislation that restores the full protections for older workers under the nation's age discrimination laws?A: This conservative-led Supreme Court's 5-4 decision in June in the case of Gross v FBL Financial Services In. upset decades of well-established precedents, holding victims of age discrimination to a higher standard of proof than discrimination based on race, sex, national origin or religious discrimination. This decision could not have come at a worse time for older workers. Age discrimination complaints to the EEOC in FY2008 were up 29% over the previous year. I strongly support the bill which Senator Harkin has recently introduced, the Protecting Older Workers Against Discrimination Act (S.1756), which I look forward to voting for to remedy the Court's wrong-headed decision
Source: 2009 AARP Voter Guide: MA Senate Dec 1, 2009

Research/business connection in blue-collar cities

Pagliuca is talking to me and going through his jobs rap. You know, "I'm the jobs guy, it's about jobs with me, jobs, jobs, jobs." In the current recession, I am skeptical of what a venture capitalist could ever do to help. Do you have some specifics about how you'd bring the jobs? I ask Pags.

He doesn't flinch, but his answers are nothing new. Like any other pol these days, he talks about the "North Carolina Research Triangle" solution. Use university research to create manufacturing jobs in biotech, environmental technology to create new manufacturing opportunities.

The research/business connection is everybody's formula lately. But Pagliuca talks about blue-collar cities like New Bedford being the places where high-tech manufacturing could most affordably flourish. And he insists that venture capital and private equity ventures--money seeking to compound money through investment--can create lots of jobs.

Source: Jack Spillane on freerepublic.com, "A cup of joe" Nov 8, 2009

10% unemployment is totally unacceptable

Pagliuca said he would fight in Washington to make sure today's children would have the same opportunities that he did. He said it is "totally unacceptable" that unemployment is nearing 10 percent. "I'm really a product of a system that I don't know if our children will have," he said, clutching a manila folder under one arm. "I will work like a dog in Washington to bring back those jobs to the country and the state."
Source: Boston Globe coverage of 2009 MA Senate race Oct 13, 2009

Job creation will be my number one priority

We are clearly going through an unprecedented era of challenges that calls for new answers and solutions designed to bring jobs and economic growth back to Massachusetts. There has been no net new job creation in the US in almost ten years and no expansion of the workforce in Massachusetts in over twelve years. If elected Senator, I will use my years of experience turning companies around to create jobs in the state and nationally. Job creation will be my number one priority.
Source: Campaign website, www.stephenpagliuca.com, "Issues" Oct 1, 2009

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