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Change We Can Believe In
Barack Obama's Plan to Renew America

Published Sept. 9, 2008

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BOOK REVIEW by OnTheIssues.org:

This book details Obama's presidential platform. The platform is organized by Obama's campaign, with a personal foreword by Barack Obama. The book includes seven of Obama's key speeches, which we excerpt below. They are:

Declaration of Candidacy2/10/07, Springfield IL
Iowa Caucus Night1/3/08, Des Moines IA
N.H. Primary Night1/8/08, Nashua NH
A More Perfect Union (address on race)3/18/08, Philadelphia PA
Father's Day6/15/08, Chicago IL
Renewing American Competitiveness6/16/08, Flint MI
A World That Stands As One7/24/08, Berlin, Germany

We'll use this opportunity to analyze the McCain-Obama race. McCain comes into the election with three strikes against him:

  1. A bad economy favors Obama because McCain has little economic background, and economic issues traditionally favor the Democrat. With the ongoing financial crisis, the economy will certainly be high on voters' agendas on Election Day. McCain took a shot at raising his profile on this issue, by "suspending" his campaign for an economic vote, but that tactic did not play too well.

  2. Bad news from Iraq favors Obama because McCain has invested so much in the success of the surge. Obama gains by focusing on his "judgment" early against the war, if Iraq is discussed at all. If there's GOOD news from Iraq, that DOES help McCain, but BAD news typically gets more headlines. And the ongoing expense of the Iraq war, at $10 billion per month, clearly ties the Republicans' and McCain's Iraq stance to our economic woes.

  3. McCain is hurt further on both of these issues by being tied to Pres. Bush. McCain has made strides in distancing himself from Bush, but he worked WITH Bush on the economic crisis, and AGREES with Bush on the surge. Distancing himself on other issues is challenging, since those two issues so dominate the news.

With three strikes against him -- and BIG strikes -- McCain has his work cut out for him. McCain's slide in the polls reflects that challenge. All Obama has to do is carry on looking presidential, without any serious gaffes, and the election is his.

-- Jesse Gordon, jesse@OnTheIssues.org, Oct. 2008

 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
Budget & Economy
    Clinton left behind a surplus; Bush squandered it.
Civil Rights
    Legalized discrimination meant blacks could not amass wealth.
    Reformed death penalty by listening & compromising.
    We need more cops; but we also need more families.
    To compete, students need at least H.S. & college degree.
    We need real commitment to education; instead we got NCLB.
    $10 billion to guarantee early childhood education for all.
    Pay for college education for those who commit to teaching.
Energy & Oil
    Harness homegrown, alternative fuels like ethanol.
    $150B over 10 years to establish a green energy sector.
    All nations must act to reduce carbon emissions.
Families & Children
    Admit that too many fathers are missing from too many homes.
    I know what it means to have an absent father.
    Reward fathers who pay child support with larger EITC.
Foreign Policy
    In Berlin: proud citizen of US; fellow citizen of the world.
    Dangers of intertwined world cant be contained in borders.
    Cooperation among nations is not a choice; its the only way.
    In Cold War, we won hearts & minds; now do same to world.
Free Trade
    Impossible to turn back globalization; wed be worse off.
    Dont let trade policy be dictated by special interests.
    Global trade is unsustainable if it favors only the few.
Government Reform
    Use technology to shine a light on spending.
Health Care
    Universal health care by end of first term.
Homeland Security
    Wrote law to secure & destroy worlds deadliest weapons.
    $4,000 tuition tax credit in exchange for community service.
    Seek the peace of a world without nuclear weapons.
Principles & Values
    Moved to Illinois as community organizer, for $13,000 a year.
    Ive been in DC long enough to know that it must change.
    End politics of division; make it about addition.
    Hope is the bedrock of this nation.
    We are choosing hope over fear.
    In no other country is my story even possible.
    This candidacy is not just an exercise in affirmative action.
    Weve never really worked through complexities of race.
    Working together we can move beyond some old racial wounds.
    This union may never be perfect, but can always be perfected.
Tax Reform
    Middle class tax cut helps offset rising cost of gas & food.
    Broadband in heart of inner cities and rural towns.
    Double basic research funding; make the R&D tax permanent.
    National Infrastructure Reinvestment Bank: $60B in 10 years.
Welfare & Poverty
    Welfare policies contributed to erosion of black families.

The above quotations are from Change We Can Believe In
Barack Obama's Plan to Renew America

Published Sept. 9, 2008.

All material copyright 1999-2022
by Jesse Gordon and OnTheIssues.org
Reprinting by permission only.

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