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Citizens United gives corporations same rights as unions

We gotta start shooting this malarkey that Romney's gonna outspend Obama. It isn't true. Obama, it's another lie, trying to make himself out to be the underdog victim of these rich corporate titans not giving him money.

The left is just fit to be tied over the Citizens United case, which gave corporations the same right to contribute to campaigns as individuals. Basically what the Citizens United case said was that the CEO or Acme Corporation has as much right to participate in the American political process as the New York Times does, and as the unions.

The Democrats are gonna be offering a bill in the Senate on Monday that would require the names of nonunion donors to be published, under the Citizens United -- certain kinds of donors giving to Super PACs, the names would have to be published, and the reason for that is so the Democrats can sic their attack dogs on 'em and harass 'em. And the Republicans are hoping, that every Republican senator holds firm and votes "no" on this thing

Source: Rush Limbaugh Show, "Condoleezza Rice" , Jul 12, 2012

House banking scandal involved crimes with taxpayer funds

The bank scandal highlights the arrogance & condescension of members of Congress. It’s an outrage when members of Congress set up a system whereby they can spend money they don’t have. There are lots of people serving time in jails for what some members of Congress did with their House checking accounts.

The solution is to prosecute the ones in Congress who are guilty of serious crimes. [A prosecutor] told me that some members will probably face charges under the same statute that was used to convict people in the Iran-Contra scandal. It’s called “Conspiracy to Defraud the US Government.”

Now I know some of you believe the stories about how no taxpayer money was at risk in the House Bank. But that simply won’t wash. It was all taxpayer money. We pay them. And taxpayer money was used to operate the bank. So it is inaccurate to say that taxpayer money was not used to enable these members of Congress to accord themselves advantages unavailable to other citizens. It clearly was.

Source: The Way Things Ought To Be, p. 92-93 , Jul 2, 1992

Congress should not exempt itself from laws

And the list goes on and on. If any person running a business were to run afoul of any of the above laws you can bet he would be hauled into court pronto. But the authors of those laws have nothing to worry about. There is nothing anyone can do about a congressional violation of those laws, save for taking it to the lapdog Ethics Committee. This only breeds contempt for Congress among the public. It says to the average person that Congress considers itself above the law.
Source: The Way Things Ought To Be, p. 97 , Jul 2, 1992

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