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Maintain best equipment, technology and defense systems

Our best strategy and defense against these potential threats is a strong offense. So it will remain our policy to insure our military has the necessary funding to develop, acquire and maintain the best equipment, technology and defense systems for maintaining our military strength and position of a super power while giving our young service men and women the best protection and tools to successfully process any conflict. Armed conflict will be our option of last resort.

We will continue to confront these threats head on while working closely with our allies to bring peace and stability throughout the world. We will pursue a tough, smart, quick reacting and principled national security strategy. It will be our strategy to first focus our efforts on securing or own borders and citizens from foreign & domestic terrorist incursions here at home. It will be our strategy to focus our efforts on the terrorists who did strike us or intend to do so in the future.

Source: American Reform Party Positions (2020 Conventions) , Aug 22, 2020

National security via intelligence agencies & military

Guaranteeing the security of our national borders means that we must have the ability to monitor and manage all traffic crossing our land or sea borders. A nation which can not control its borders places itself in grave danger to those who would use that to their advantage, whether they be trafficking drugs or weapons, human trafficking, supporting a black market economy, or intent on terrorist attack. Likewise, the safety of our citizens depends on a professional and independent intelligence service that supports American ideals and interests abroad without being bent to the service of political agendas.
Source: Reform Party USA website, reformparty.org , Jan 1, 2012

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