Ralph Nader on Foreign Policy

2008 Independent for for President; 2004 Reform nominee; 2000 Green nominee


US should be the world’s humanitarian superpower

Q: Briefly describe Nader’s position on Foreign Policy and Peace in general.

A: Ralph Nader has summed up his foreign policy by saying “the United States should be the world’s humanitarian superpower. Our foreign policy must redefine the elements of global security, peace, arms control, an end to nuclear weapons and expand the many assets of our country to launch, with other nations, major initiatives against global infections diseases.”

Source: Green Party 2008 Presidential Candidate Questionnaire , Feb 3, 2008

Corporate activity destroys the third world

Absent robust democracy in these countries [in the third world] , the creative destruction by these corporations [multinational banks and other finance companies] is usually a one-way street, contrary to Joseph Schumpeter’s thesis that such displacement is a mode of progress for developed nations.
Source: The Good Fight, by Ralph Nader, p. 13 , Jul 6, 2004

Redefine national purpose to solve Third World scourges

Do we wish to expand the definition of national security and national purpose to show how, with reasonable amounts of knowledge, resources and goodwill, we can rapidly begin to defeat the global scourges of poverty, contagious disease, illiteracy, lack of shelter, environmental devastation, and to recognize the genius of Third World peoples to help it flower?
Source: Nomination Acceptance Speech , Jun 25, 2000

Support foreign peasants instead of foreign dictators

Isn’t it about time that the US government stop supporting dictatorships and avaricious oligarchies with our tax monies, munitions and diplomacy? Isn’t it time that our government takes a cue from numerous studies and model projects, and advances foreign policies that support the peasants and the workers for a change.
Source: Nomination Acceptance Speech , Jun 25, 2000

Support social and economic justice across the globe

Source: Green Party Platform as ratified at 2000 National Convention , Jun 25, 2000

Assist Russia & Israel in moving towards better governments

Source: Green Party Platform as ratified at 2000 National Convention , Jun 25, 2000

Selling arms is not a good way to conduct foreign affairs

Q: US corporations are dying, literally, to get into Cuba and Iran. Ideology is keeping them out.
A: How are they dying to get in? They were dying to get in Iraq and sell Saddam Hussein military weapons before 1990. They want to get into other countries to sell arms. I don’t think that’s a good way to get in.
Source: Alternative Radio interview with David Barsamian , Feb 23, 2000

Cuba: corporate sales of junk undermines their system

Q: US corporations are dying to get into Cuba. What are your views on Cuba?
A: What do they want to sell Cuba?
Q: Casinos and hotels.
A: Of course. Casinos, hotels and junk products and junk food and try to undermine their organic agriculture expansion and their more self-reliant health system and get people into dependency through all kinds of pharmaceuticals. They’re trying to export their model of economic expansion that is destructive of the environment and of self-reliant communities.
Source: Alternative Radio interview with David Barsamian , Feb 23, 2000

Support human rights as cornerstone of US foreign policy

Source: Green Party Platform as ratified at 2000 National Convention , Jun 25, 2000

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