Jimmy Carter on Education

President of the U.S., 1977-1981


No place for religion in the science classroom

One of my favorite writers on scientific subjects was Stephen Jay Gould, with whom I corresponded on occasion. In 2002, he sent me a copy of "Rocks of Ages," his intriguing book that was designed to resolve the conflict between science and religion. His approach was to separate the two completely, in what he called "nonoverlapping magisteria." The great observations of science would define the natural world, and the overall teaching (magisterium) of religion would define the spiritual world, and they should not intrude on each other.

For me, this was an acceptable approach. There is no place for religion in the science classroom, but it will not end the commitment of some devout Christians to reject all aspects of Charles Darwin's explanation of evolution or any geological discoveries that indicate an earth that is more than 6000 years old.

Source: Our Endangered Values, by Jimmy Carter, p. 49-50 , Sep 26, 2006

Defended private schools, even when segregated

Carter peddled himself as a racist in his 1970 gubernatorial campaign against Carl Sanders. He spoke sympathetically of racists Alabama Gov. George Wallace and Lt. Gov. Lester Maddox. He criticized Sanders for having once barred Wallace from a speaking engagement. Carter visited a private segregated school in the Piedmont region of Georgia and told backers for 13 south Georgia counties at a rally not to “let anybody, including the Atlanta newspapers, mislead you into criticizing private education.”

And yet he announced on the day of his inauguration as Governor, “I say to you quite frankly that the day for discrimination is over.” As Governor his track record in race relations was superior. He appointed blacks to major state boards and agencies. The number of black state employees increased under his aegis from 4,850 to 6,684. He even took a black security ofificer into his home and into his then segregated church.

Source: How Jimmy Won, by Kandy Stroud, p. 12 , Jan 1, 1997

Feds should pay higher percentage of public education

Carter, who feels that the federal government should pay a higher percentage of the cost of public education, gives early priority to the initiation of a comprehensive education program. His program would create a separate Department of Education, greater vocational and career opportunities, increased federal expenditures to provide for the education of the handicapped, reforms to strengthen colleges and universities in financially troubled times, and more educational opportunities for the elderly
Source: Jimmy Who?, by Leslie Wheeler, p.187-188 , Jan 1, 1976

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