Hillary Clinton on Budget & Economy

Use tax dollars to upgrade infrastructure, not for stadium

Q: Should taxpayer money should be used to build such a stadium in Manhattan?

CLINTON: I donít think thatís a good use of that space or of taxpayer dollars. There is work we need to do to upgrade the infrastructure. Thatís why I support the Second Avenue subway. Thatís why I support the East Side connector, a rail link to La Guardia and to JFK. I will go to the Senate to continue the work on Penn Station and others that Senator Moynihan has started.

LAZIO: I think itís important to get the Jets and Giants back. This is not just a plan for a stadium; itís also a plan for expansion of convention space. I donít think this should be funded with public money entirely. But I believe that this is an important initiative to build jobs for New York.

Source: Senate debate in Manhattan Oct 8, 2000

Pay down debt & cut taxes within balanced budget

Q: How will you pay for all the new programs youíve proposed?

A: We have a surplus after 7 years of good economic leadership in our country. We should pay down the national debt, secure Social Security, add a prescription drug benefit to Medicare, and provide affordable tax cuts. I have been very careful to cost out my plan because I believe in a balanced budget. Thatís why I reject the large tax cut that independent experts have said is more than a trillion dollars that my opponent has proposed.

Source: Clinton-Lazio debate, Buffalo NY Sep 13, 2000

Stimulate upstate economy by more local decision-making

Q: Will you support measures that would be unpopular with state unions if they helped reduce the tax burden on upstate New York?

CLINTON: Iím a very strong supporter of these changes that are needed to stimulate the upstate economy. And many of those changes can only take place at the state and local level. Because what I have laid forth in my economic plan for upstate is a way to use tax credits to stimulate business, to expand the high tech industry that is coming to Buffalo.

LAZIO: I do believe that the upstate economy has turned the corner. It also needs new partnerships, alliances, something Iíve been doing down in Long Island. Creating technology incubators, building on our assets in the upstate economy. Making sure that we build good partnerships and a first-class educational system. One of the things you can do is to begin to address the issue of taxation. We need to make sure that people donít pay taxes on top of income that theyíve already paid taxes on.

Source: Clinton-Lazio debate, Buffalo NY Sep 13, 2000

Supports Niagara casino, but prefers job creation strategy

Q: Americans spend millions at the local casino in Niagara Falls, Canada. Why not have a casino built on this side of the border to help our economy?

LAZIO: I donít believe that itís a good idea for us to be building casinos. I would allow the state of New York to make these decisions. But in the end, Iím not a big fan of gambling. Economic development in the area is an important issue, but I would not focus on the quick hit, the cheap hit in gambling. Iíd focus on the kind of jobs where our children can afford to stay here, raise a family, buy their own home.

CLINTON: I know how hard the people in Niagara are working to try to turn their economy around, and if they believe that a casino would help attract more tourists back, I would support that. I leave that to their judgment. But there has to be more of a strategy about the upstate economy --tax credits to help jobs be created, creating the regional skills, alliances, commitment to work force development, etc.

Source: Clinton-Lazio debate, Buffalo NY Sep 13, 2000

Protect next generation by paying off national debt

Weíll never accomplish what we need to do for our children if we burden them with a debt they didnít create. Franklin Roosevelt said that Americans of his generation had a rendezvous with destiny. Well, I think our generation has a rendezvous with responsibility. Itís time to protect the next generation by using our budget surplus to pay down the national debt, save Social Security, modernize Medicare with a prescription drug benefit, & provide targeted tax cuts to the families who need them most.
Source: Address to the Democratic National Convention Aug 14, 2000

We have outlived the usefulness of Bretton Woods

We have lived with the benefits, for 50 years now, of the agreements that were made at the end of WWII, coming out of Bretton Woods to create new financial architectures. Today, we have outlived the usefulness of that particular set of arrangements. And we now have to face up to creating a new architecture that will help us tackle runaway global capitalismís worst effects; ensure social safety nets for the most vulnerable; address the debt burden that is crushing many of our poorest nations.
Source: Remarks at The Sorbonne, Paris, France Jun 17, 1999

The economy creates consumers but cannot create citizens

Some think that the market can do anything if left alone. Others undermine the benefits that free enterprise brings. We have to create a balance. How do we enjoy the benefits without suffering from the excesses? The economy can create the jobs... and wealth; it can create consumers and the producers of goods. But the economy cannot create citizens. Government can only respond to citizens, not create them. Only civil society can do that. And it is time for us to renew and expand civil society.
Source: Remarks at The Sorbonne, Paris, France Jun 17, 1999

Invest in people instead of ďsmokestack chasingĒ

Remember what we thought of as economic development. ďSmokestack chasingĒ is what it was called. If we could convince someone to get out of old dying Detroit and move to Arkansas, we were going to be moving right along. We have seen how many of those industries that we got to move from Detroit have moved to Bangladesh. We have seen that economic development cannot depend on what kind of jobs we bring as much as on what we do to invest in our people to generate more of our own economic opportunities.
Source: Unique Voice, p. 43-44 Feb 3, 1997

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