Dan Quayle on Tax Reform

Vice President of the U.S., 1989-1993; Former Republican Senator (IN)


Reduce tax burdens on families

Quayle would reduce the economic burdens that force parents to choose between work and time with their children. It will always be a struggle to balance work and family, but we should make it easier by dramatically reducing income-tax rates. When people are allowed to keep more of what they earn, they will have more freedom to make the right choices for their family. Quayle wants to help families save and invest through Freedom Accounts [to help with housing, medical, & retirement costs.]
Source: (Cross-ref from Families & Children) www.quayle2000.com/ “St , Jun 14, 1999

Simplify income taxes, eliminate estate taxes

No country can remain great if it burdens its people with high taxes, complex rules and an out-of-control bureaucracy. We need to cut taxes, simplify the tax code, and overhaul the IRS. Every American family deserves to keep more of what it earns. Quayle proposes. reducing income taxes by 30% across the board. In addition, he proposes to eliminate the marriage penalty, as well as death and estate taxes - taxes that undermine two bedrock American values: family and hard work.
Source: www.quayle2000.com/ “Lower Taxes”, 5/19/99 , May 19, 1999

30% across-the-board income tax and corporate tax cut

Dan Quayle proposes a sweeping economic plan to provide real tax relief for every American by reducing income taxes by 30% across the board. His plan envisions only three tax brackets: 10% for joint incomes under $44,000; 20% for joint incomes of $44-$160,000; and 28% for joint incomes of $160,000 or more. The Quayle plan would spur economic growth by reducing individual and corporate capital gains taxes by 30%, while capping the top corporate income tax rate at 28% - the same as individuals.
Source: www.quayle2000.com/ “Lower Taxes”, 5/19/99 , May 19, 1999

Radical tax change eventually; cut taxes in interim

We need to change the tax code radically. Whether we ultimately wish to adopt a flat tax or a national sales tax is an open question - and a long debate. In the interim, we must abolish the marriage penalty and death tax, cut corporate and individual capital gains taxes, and neutralize the current bias against investment by reducing the top corporate income tax rate.
Source: Dan Quayle column in the Wall Street Journal , Jan 25, 1998

Eliminate most tax preferences; preserve “core incentives”

We must simplify and reduce marginal tax rates for individuals by establishing just three rates. I propose that we simplify the tax code by eliminating most tax preferences, credits and deductions, while preserving core incentives such as interest on home mortgages, charitable contributions and health-care, retirement and education expenses.
Source: Dan Quayle column in the Wall Street Journal , Jan 25, 1998

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