Arianna Huffington on Drugs

2004 former Independent Challenger for CA Governor


Supports medical marijuana; fight Bush to keep Prop 215

Q: Do you support or oppose the use of medical marijuana and do you support Proposition 215 legalizing its use?

HUFFINGTON: I support it. The difference is that I would actually fight the Bush administrationís efforts, not just on medical marijuana, but on our clean air policies, on our oil drilling policies, to try constantly despite the pretensions that they like stateís rights, to try to circumvent the will of the people of California.

Source: Recall debate in Walnut Creek , Sep 3, 2003

Hypocrisy infects America's insane drug war on every level

Gov. Jeb Bush calls for jail time for nonviolent drug offenders as his daughter gets sent to rehab. I feel nothing but sympathy and concern for Noelle Bush--caught with crack cocaine at a drug rehab center. As a parent, I am in total agreement with Jeb Bush's insistence that his daughter's substance-abuse problem is "a private issue."

While Noelle has been given every break in the book--and then some--her father has made it harder for others in her position to get the help they need by cutting the budgets of drug treatment and drug court programs in his state. He has also actively opposed a proposed ballot initiative that would send an estimated 10,000 nonviolent drug offenders into treatment instead of jail.

Jeb's inconsistent attitude on the issue--treatment and privacy for his daughter, incarceration and public humiliation for everyone else--is part and parcel of the galling hypocrisy that infects America's insane drug war on every level.

Source: Arianna Huffington column on Salon.com, "War on Drugs" , Sep 16, 2002

Drug War is a disaster: need more prevention

Despite being funded to the tune of $18 billion annually, the war on drugs has been a disaster. The proof? Among other things, a 72% increase in drug use among teens since 1992.

Only 1/3 of the anti-drug budget is earmarked for education, prevention, and treatment programs; the remaining 2/3 go to the higher-profile trio of interdiction, supply reduction, and law enforcement.

Drug abuse is the only market in which the government thinks it can suspend the laws of supply and demand.

Source: How to Overthrow the Government, p.137-38 , Jul 2, 2000

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