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Give entrepreneurs the tools they need to start & succeed

McMahon serves as the 25th Administrator of the Small Business Administration (SBA). As a member of President Trump's cabinet, she advocates on behalf of the 30 million small businesses in America. She leads a team of professionals dedicated to ensuring entrepreneurs have the support and tools they need to start, grow and succeed in business, specifically through access to capital and federal contracting opportunities; counseling and mentorship; and financial assistance following declared disasters.
Source: SBA.gov official website for Trump Cabinet biographies , Dec 31, 2018

Grew WWE from 13-person company to 800 employees worldwide

An entrepreneur and business executive herself, McMahon is the co-founder and former chief executive officer of WWE, based in Stamford, Connecticut. She helped grow WWE from a 13-person regional operation to a publicly traded global enterprise with more than 800 employees in offices worldwide.
Source: SBA.gov official website for Trump Cabinet biographies , Dec 31, 2018

Businesses optimistic because Trump is cutting regulations

Linda McMahon, the Administrator of the Small Business Administration ascribed the optimism of small-business owners to what they see in Washington, as the president delivers on his promises of regulatory reform, cutting taxes and workforce development. Entrepreneurs often say it's not a specific regulation but "the sheer volume of rules and mandates" that choke their businesses, she said. "Most small businesses don't have teams of lawyers or a compliance officer on staff." The cost of complying with regulations to a small business is $11,700 per employee, she said.

The main complaint from businesses, especially manufacturers, is they find themselves out of compliance because they aren't aware of the regulation in question. "I'm all for the right kind of regulation. We clearly need regulation to run things safely and to do the things that we need to have oversight for," McMahon said.

Source: Business Journal Daily on 2018 Trump Administration , Aug 31, 2018

SBA should respond quickly in emergencies

During her confirmation hearing, McMahon identified improving the SBA's disaster relief programs as her first priority. "Disasters don't pick a time. They happen. And we need to be prepared for those disasters. I don't know how effective they've been. I know that when Sandy hit a few years ago, Hurricane Sandy --it was a delay in time of response from the SBA--we have to be ready for disaster relief. When our small businesses are put out of business for a while, the economy suffers," she said
Source: Ballotpedia.org: 2017 Trump transition confirmation hearings , Jan 25, 2017

We need more business people like me in Washington

Shays repeatedly attacked McMahon's professional wrestling business and "job creator" claims. McMahon, who resigned as WWE's chief executive in 2009, spent much of the debate steering the focus back to her six-point plan for fixing the nation's economy.

McMahon pivoted back to the main thrust of her campaign: that she's the candidate with the business acumen to fix the economy. "We need professionals from different walks of life," she said. "What we don't have in Washington are business people."

Switching to offense, McMahon said she is ready to help fix the country's economic and deficit problems created by longtime politicians such as Shays. "You have been part of the issue of killing jobs, not creating jobs," she said. "What we need to see in Washington are senators who have not been there and been part of the mess that you made."

Source: The Day coverage of 2012 CT Senate debates , Jun 14, 2012

Businesses need regulatory certainty to risk hiring workers

Much of the debate focused on jobs. McMahon spoke of the need to provide businesses with "an environment of certainty" when it comes to regulations and taxes, so owners know whether they can risk hiring more workers.

Blumenthal said the government can do a better job providing financing and loans to businesses, as well as providing job training and targeted tax deductions for research and development, startup companies and firms that hire new workers. He also called for closing loopholes that allow U.S. companies to send jobs overseas.

McMahon, who used a clip from Blumenthal's response from an earlier debate about how to create a job, [in which Blumenthal stumbled over how government should be involved,] as a political ad, chided her opponent for improving his answer during this latest debate. "I'm very happy you have a notion on how to create jobs," McMahon said.

Source: National Public Radio coverage of 2010 CT Senate debate , Oct 12, 2010

Reduce the corporate tax rate

When you combine state and federal taxes, America has the highest corporate tax structure in the world. We should work to reduce the corporate income tax rate to be more competitive with the rest of the world. Stop the capital gains ta x rate from
Source: 2010 Senate campaign website, www.linda2010.com, "Issues" , Sep 1, 2010

CEO of wrestling business, a "testosterone-charged industry"

Linda co-founded Titan Sports, Inc., [a business promoting WWE, World Wrestling Entertainment], in 1980. Linda became President and CEO of the company in 1993. The company's explosive growth and transformation of the wrestling industry has caused some observers to label her & husband Vince "business geniuses".

One of Linda's major interests in WWE was product merchandising. She negotiated many of the company's business deals with vendors, establishing the company's first line of action figures, Wrestling Superstars, in 1984. It was a first in the wrestling industry and helped expand the company's popularity to children.

When asked what it was like being CEO in a "testosterone-charged industry", McMahon replied, "It's lots of fun. I'm an only child, so I grew up as my father's son and mother's daughter. I was quite a jock. I really have a very good understanding of the male psyche--I'm very comfortable in a guy environment. It's still a testosterone business, and I like it."

Source: Wikipedia article, "Linda McMahon" , Aug 12, 2010

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