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Republican primary challenger and former CEO


Cut tax code to 3 pages then budget sensibly

Let us actually reform the tax code from 73,000 pages down to three. There's a 20-year-old plan to do exactly that. And then let us begin to focus on every single dollar the government spends, so that we will spend less overall and still have enough for our priorities. And that requires the government to budget the way you do at home--examine every dollar, cut any dollar, move any dollar. The fancy term for that is zero-based budgeting, but I call it common sense.
Source: Fox Business 2016 Republican Undercard debate , Jan 14, 2016

Combine zero-based budget with tax reform

Sen. Ted CRUZ: I would eliminate 25 programs [including] corporate welfare like sugar subsidies. Sugar farmers farm under roughly 0.2% of the farmland in America, and yet they give 40% of the lobbying money.

FIORINA: This is why we must combine, actually, zero-based budgeting with tax reform because unless we can examine, and cut, and move, every single dollar of discretionary spending in the federal government. Ask yourself this question: How is it possible that the federal government gets more money each and every year for 50 years, under Republicans and Democrats alike, and yet, never has enough money to do the important things? The answer? All the money's always spoken for. All the money's spoken for. So, we have to go to zero-based budgeting, which is a simple idea. There's been a bill for zero-based budgeting; it exists, it can be voted on. Every dollar must be examined. Any dollar can be cut. Any dollar can be cut, any dollar can be moved.

Source: Fox Business/WSJ First Tier debate , Nov 10, 2015

Dodd-Frank bank regulation is how socialism starts

What's interesting about Dodd-Frank is it's a great example of how socialism starts. Socialism starts when government creates a problem, and then government steps in to solve it. Government created the problem of a real estate boom. Republicans and Democrats said, "home ownership is part of the American dream. Let's create a bubble," and then government stepped in. The big have gotten bigger, and 1,590 community banks have gone out of business.
Source: Fox Business/WSJ Second Tier debate , Nov 10, 2015

Institute zero-based budgeting so we know where money goes

Let us go to zero-based budgeting so we know where the money is being spent. There is a bill in the House that would have us go to zero-based budgeting so we know where every dime of your money is being spent instead of only talking about how much more we're going to spend year after year after year. We need to tackle the basics to cut this government down to size and hold it accountable. Let's start by knowing where your money is being spent by the federal government.
Source: GOP "Your Money/Your Vote" 2015 CNBC 1st-tier debate , Oct 28, 2015

Simplify tax code and reduce regulation

Q: What would President Fiorina do to jump-start this economy? And be specific.

FIORINA: First we have to remember what the engine of economic growth is in this nation? Small businesses, family-owned businesses, community-based businesses. Two-thirds of new jobs are created by small businesses. Half of Americans are employed by small businesses. We're crushing them. We're now destroying more than we're creating. That's why we have to roll back this regulatory burden and take a 75,000-page tax code and make it three pages, because guess what? When you have a big costly, complicated government, only the big, the powerful, wealthy and well connected can deal with it. It's called crony capitalism. It's why we must reduce the size of government.

Source: Fox News Sunday 2015 coverage of 2016 presidential hopefuls , Aug 9, 2015

Stimulus package is a failure; more tax cuts instead

Fiorina blasted Boxer's economic record in Washington and, specifically, her support for the federal stimulus package. "She believes that the way to get jobs growing, the way to get the economy going, is to spend more taxpayer money, bail out companies if necessary--that didn't work real well--regulate more, tax more and spend more,'' Fiorina said.

She called the February 2009 stimulus package a "failure'' and as proof cited the unemployment rate in San Bernardino County, which has increased from 11.7% when the stimulus legislation was approved to more than 14.2% in August.

To rescue the economy, Fiorina said Congress should extend the Bush-era tax cuts passed in 2001 and 2003, which she said gave much-needed tax relief to small and family-owned businesses. Those tax breaks are set to expire at year's end.

Source: L.A. Times PolitiCal coverage of 2010 CA Senate Debate , Oct 18, 2010

Key to recovery is less government, taxation, & regulation

Boxer accused Fiorina of opposing every recent job-creation effort in the Senate, including an education bill that provided California with $1.2 billion to save the jobs of 16,500 teachers, and a bill that would increase access to credit and extended tax breaks for small businesses. "Every time you really get past the surface, you see my opponent fighting for billionaires, for millionaires, for companies that shipped jobs overseas," Boxer said.

Fiorina said that the key to economic recovery was less government, taxation and regulation. She called for extending the Bush administration's tax cuts, saying that their expiration would further harm the struggling economy, and expressed support for repealing the estate tax and creating additional tax break for small businesses. "To create jobs, we need to make sure in particular our small businesses, our family-owned businesses, our innovators and our entrepreneurs are freed from strangling regulation and freed from taxation," Fiorina said.

Source: Los Angeles Times coverage of 2010 CA Senate Debate , Sep 2, 2010

Opposes the stimulus bill.

Fiorina opposes the F2A survey question on the economic stimulus

Faith2Action.org is "the nation's largest network of pro-family groups." They provide election resources for each state, including Voter Guides and Congressional Scorecards excerpted here. The Faith2Action survey summarizes candidate stances on the following topic: 'American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (the stimulus bill) '

Source: Faith2Action Survey 10-FF-q11 on Sep 19, 2010

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