Barbara Lee in What Will It Take to Make A Woman President?, by Marianne Schnall

On Abortion: "War on women": systematic attacks on rights in Congress

Q: Do you think that this last election--[with its] conversations over contraception or reproductive rights or even some of the misinformed remarks about rape--was a wake-up call, that there's legislation that is directly impacting women's rights?

A: Absolutely, and I believe there is a war on women. And when you look at what has happened here in the House, in terms of the effort to erode women's rights, women's healthcare, women's right to privacy, to an abortion, to pay equity--when you look at everything , there are assaults on women each and every day. Women are fed up with these assaults. And the war on women.which I actually coined! At a press conference I was just so frustrated and I was trying to think of what to say about these attacks, and I said, "You know, this seems like a war on women." And I think that this caught on, and I think women, whether they agree with it being a war or not, they know that every day they are systematically being attacked here in Congress.

Source: Make A Woman President?, by Marianne Schnall, p.121-122 Nov 5, 2013

On Civil Rights: Women have fought to reduce systemic barriers

Q: Why do you think we have not yet had a woman president?

A: Well, I tell you, there are real barriers. Women have had to really fight to reduce systemic and institutional barriers on all fronts. When you look at pay equity versus a man--we're still fighting that battle. And so, we've come a long way since women gained the right to vote, but we have a long way to go. Our struggle for equal rights is not over and I think that's reflected in all levels of government and in the private sector.

Source: Make A Woman President?, by Marianne Schnall, p.118 Nov 5, 2013

On Education: When I started school, public schools were segregated

As an African American, we've been through so much in this country. You know, when I started school, I couldn't go to public schools. You know why? They were segregated. My dad was in the military. He was a military officer, fought in two wars, came back here, we couldn't even go to eat in a restaurant or go to a public theater. You know what I mean? We had to drink out of the water fountain that said "Coloreds Only." I mean, this is not in the distant past. I went through that. And look how far I've come, look how far we've come. And so there's no way I can get tired or frustrated or depressed or angry about what's going on, because I have to remember the past. I have to remember so many people fought and died for the right to vote. So many people did so much just to get me where I am. So it's my duty and my responsibility to take on this fight and to be part of the resistance movement and to really try to make this a better world. And so that keeps me going.
Source: Make A Woman President?, by Marianne Schnall, p.124 Nov 5, 2013

On Government Reform: Public campaign finance levels the playing field

Q: What specific obstacles are there, in terms of women in politics?

A: Start with money. This money and politics is obscene. We have to get the public financing of campaigns to level the playing field. Right now, of course, it's been a man's world and so they have the access to the resources, in many ways, much more than women. So we've got to have a campaign finance system that really allows for equality. At this point, that system is not fair and that's a real factor in federal elections.

Source: Make A Woman President?, by Marianne Schnall, p.120 Nov 5, 2013

The above quotations are from What Will It Take to Make A Woman President?
Conversations About Women, Leadership and Power

by Marianne Schnall.
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Conversations About Women, Leadership and Power

by Marianne Schnall
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