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Trent Kelly: Rein in unelected bureaucrats at the EPA

One of the primary concerns I hear back home is that rules and regulations from Washington are killing jobs and slowing economic growth. I supported the Regulations from the Executive In Need of Scrutiny (REINS) Act because Congress, not unelected bureaucrats at the EPA or IRS, should approve new, major regulations. The REINS Act restores congressional accountability and transparency in the regulatory process and prevents the Obama Administration from legislating with a pen and phone.
Source: 2015-16 House campaign website Jul 30, 2015

Vicki Slater: Use BP settlement money to rehabilitate marine life

Q: Some have suggested that the BP Settlement money should go, at least in part, toward public education.

A: The purpose of the settlement was not for schools--it was for the environment, for rehabilitation of oyster beds, for the fishing industry on the Coast that has suffered so much. That seems like a reallocation of the purpose of the whole settlement. So at first glance, it seems like not such a good idea. Now, the governor was out beating his chest about what a great settlement this was, and this is the same guy when he visited the Coast during the oil spill said, 'I don't smell anything but lawnmowers running.' This is the same governor who took other BP money and instead of giving it to fishermen to make up for lost income like they did in Louisiana, built a softball field. That's ridiculous. I think the settlement money should be used for what the settlement was for--rehabilitating marine life and making up for lost income to the seafood industry.

Source: Jackson Free Press on 2015 Mississippi Gubernatorial race Jul 22, 2015

Chris McDaniel: Supported Katrina relief, but some funds were misspent

McDaniel repeatedly ducked questions about whether he would have voted for a Hurricane Katrina relief bill that McDaniel also described as laden with pork. "I would have to see the details of it," McDaniel said. "That's not an easy vote to cast."

Pressed on the 2005 Katrina bill specifically, he conceded: "I probably would have supported it," adding that "some of the money [in the Katrina bill] was misspent." When it comes to government spending, he argued, "It's one thing to provide immediate storm relief and to protect people's lives and property, it's quite another to benefit campaign supporters."

Asked whether there was a specific instance of government abuse he had in mind, McDaniel responded: "Not that I can say. I think the people of the coast understand that some of the money was misspent," he said. "I'm not alleging that Sen. Cochran misspent it."

A campaign spokesman reached out the morning after the interview to "clarify that Chris would've been a yes vote on the disaster bill.

Source: on 2014 Mississippi Senate race Feb 19, 2014

Chris McDaniel: Uphold property rights; oppose Supreme Court's Kelo decision

In contrast to most of the conservatives challenging Republican senators in primaries, McDaniel has been in elective office and state politics for several years. He won his state Senate seat in 2007 and has won widespread praise for his championship of a bill to uphold property rights in response to the Supreme Court's Kelo decision. The bill was vetoed by McDaniel's fellow Republican, then-Gov. Haley Barbour, but the veto was over-ridden by a statewide initiative.
Source: on 2014 Mississippi Senate race Jan 20, 2014

Thad Cochran: The Quiet Persuader: Got $29B for Katrina rebuilding

Cochran has been in the Senate since 1978, after serving first in the House for three terms. Cochran is perhaps best known for his leadership of the Appropriations Committee , which allocates federal spending to a host of programs. Although he promised to rein in spending, Cochran's chairmanship of the committee from 2005 to 2007 came as Mississippi and the Gulf Coast were trying to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina.

Cochran helped obtain $29 billion for the devastated region in 2006 and earned the nickname "The Quiet Persuader" from Time magazine for steering the spending past fiscal conservatives.

He is also one of the Senate's top farm policy experts, and served as chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee from 2003 to 2005. Cochran is playing a lead role in negotiating legislation that would reauthorize $500 billion in farm programs. He remains the top Republican on the Appropriations Committee's agriculture and defense panels.

Source: USA Today on 2014 Mississippi Senate race Dec 6, 2013

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