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Coastal bays program scores "B-", in positive trend

Maryland's Coastal Bays have received their highest grade ever reported according to the new 2017 Coastal Bays Report Card from the Maryland Coastal Bays Program, a snapshot assessment on the health and resiliency of the coastal bays surrounding Ocean City & Assateague Island. The "B-" grade reflects the positive trend nutrient reductions have shown in many locations since 1999.

"Maryland's Coastal Bays are an integral part of our region, and are unique ecological treasures in the landscape of the Eastern Shore and our great state," Governor Hogan said. "The marked improvement we see in the bays' health is the result of significant state investment, as well as the work and dedicated stewardship of many Marylanders."

The bays' health is defined as the progress of four water quality indicators and two biotic indicators toward scientifically derived ecological thresholds or goals. The six indicators are combined into one coastal bays health index, presented as a report card score

Source: Sept. 2018 newsletter (MD Governor's office press release) , Sep 1, 2018

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