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Kim Reynolds: Changed mind on Bible in classrooms

Asked about Gov. Butch Otter's veto of a bill to reinforce the use of the Bible as a teaching tool in schools, Little said it became clear to him that it would have failed in court and may have taken Idaho's existing liberty to use the Bible in schools down with it. He said this only became clear to him recently, and that he would have supported the bill at the time it came to vote.
Source: Idaho County Free Press on 2018 Idaho gubernatorial race Aug 28, 2017

Micahel Crapo: Town meetings in all 200 incorporated towns across Idaho

From Aberdeen to Worley, from Bonners Ferry to Blackfoot, Idaho Sen. Mike Crapo has visited every incorporated Idaho city over the past two years--all 200 of them.

His aim was to hold hour-long, town hall-style meetings in each city, but some of the towns didn't have any halls. In those cases, the meetings took place in parks and once, in Placerville, under a picnic shelter. "We fit people in under there and just had a great town meeting," Crapo recalled.

Crapo finished his marathon of town meetings this past week in Wardner; 37 people crowded into the tiny City Hall to talk about the federal reserve, mining regulations and internet service in the Silver Valley, among other things.

The first meeting was in Moyie Springs in October 2014. The largest have drawn as many as 200 people; the smallest, as few as two. Most had at least a dozen. The smallest city was Warm River, which officially has a population of just three. "There were nine people there," Crapo said with a grin.

Source: The Spokesman-Review on 2016 Idaho Senate race Sep 2, 2016

Jerry Sturgill: LDS missionary in French Canada; then NYC financial lawyer

Jerry is an Idaho native, the oldest of six children raised in Twin Falls. After a summer working for the US Department of Agriculture, he attended Brigham Young University. He studied English, Economics and French and was an Idaho Rhodes Scholar Following his undergraduate studies, Jerry attended and graduated with honors from BYU Law School with a Juris Doctorate. During law school, he served as executive editor of the BYU Law Review and after law school, clerked for one year for Judge Eugene Wright of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Following his clerkship, he joined the law firm Latham & Watkins, where he spent the greater part of his legal career in the firm's New York City banking and finance practice.
Source: 2016 Idaho Senate campaign website, Aug 8, 2016

Marvin Pro-Life Richardson: Better if Ten Commandments were in our Constitution

We wish our nation had been founded on Christianity, then we would have some or all of the Ten Commandments in our Constitution, and we would not have began as a slave-holding nation justified by deceived Christians. On the positive side, the Founders tried to prevent the States from establishing religious tests for holding office; this is wise.

Christianity was corrupted in the first and second century and has never recovered, and at present, is really failing. When is the last time you have seen Christians out in the streets protesting preborn baby murder, murder via unjust war, adultery, fornication, pornography, theft by socialism, and theft by fiat currency? Why do Christians promote selfish, fascist corporatism and ignore the consequential loss of economic and political freedom? Jesus taught that selfishness was the prime sin, but Christians do not want their churches to challenge their motives for serving Christ.

Source: 2016 Idaho Senate campaign website Mar 15, 2016

Marvin Pro-Life Richardson: Member of IAP party, but follows Constitution Party platform

We are members of the Independent American Party. The members of this party serve their fellowmen for the sake of love. IAP members are taught to serve without motive of personal gain, or reward, in this life, or Eternity.

I use the Constitution Party platform because it is detailed on almost all issues and a voter can see how I stand and vote. We agree with this Platform nearly 100%. A couple of things we do not agree with is nuclear power, and that our nation was founded on Christianity.

Source: 2016 Idaho Senate campaign website Mar 15, 2016

Michael Crapo: Attending Town Hall meetings in all 200 Idaho cities

Since October, Sen. Mike Crapo has spent much of the time when he isn't in Washington touring the Gem State's farthest-flung nooks and crannies, where he has met with small crowds in small rooms to discuss big issues. And, with a re-election bid coming next year, he's casting himself as a fighter ready to do what it takes to roll back policies that have infuriated conservatives throughout the years of the Obama administration.

The idea for the tour popped into CrapO`s head last year in a staff meeting: a town hall meeting in every incorporated city in the state. That 200-long list includes some very small places, such as the city of Clayton, population 7. Crapo was there Thursday.

Crapo comes to each meeting armed with charts tracking the projected growth of debt, deficits and interest payments, as well as how many pages of new federal regulations are being contemplated. "I think it's perhaps the biggest threat our nation faces today," Crapo said of the $19 trillion debt.

Source: Magic Valley Times-News on 2016 Idaho Senate race Sep 9, 2015

Nels Mitchell: Idaho needs Senator who gets to work, not "Senator No"

Nels Mitchell said today he's not surprised Jim Risch is touting his dubious achievement as the most obstructionist senator in Washington. Mitchell said, "Risch has turned into 'Senator No,' and his negativism is hurting Idaho. When he votes against funding for INL, against protecting women from violence, against payments to Idaho's rural counties, he's voting against Idahoans."

"Jim Risch wants to run as the anti-everything candidate because he has a dismal record of working for Idaho," Mitchell said. "It's no wonder he says it doesn't matter if he's on the job or not, because when you vote the way he does, it really doesn't."

"It's easy to vote 'no' when you're on the extreme fringe and your vote doesn't count," he said. "What's harder is to roll up your sleeves and get to work for Idaho. That's what I'll do."

"Instead of bragging about how far right he is, Jim Risch should apologize to the people of Idaho for doing little but promoting gridlock and dysfunction," Mitchell said.

Source: Kuna Melba News on 2014 Idaho Senate race Feb 13, 2014

Nels Mitchell: Most conservative voting record in Senate in 2013

It was Risch--not Sens. Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul or Marco Rubio--who compiled the Senate's most conservative record, according to National Journal's newly released 2013 vote ratings. And he did so for the 2nd straight year and 3rd time overall since he took office in 2009.

Risch stands in contrast to his Republican Senate colleagues, not so much because he's more conservative but because he doesn't seek the spotlight like some, including three possible presidential candidates. Risch cedes the point. "I'm not running for president, and I don't have a book that I'm selling," he said. "So given that, there's a lot more work to be done right in this room than there is to walking over to the rotunda and getting on Fox or what have you."

Those who know him say he's a strict constitutionalist, a believer in small government and states' rights. His voting record is more conservative than those of Minority Leader McConnell (#25) and tea-party stars Cruz (#4), Paul (#19) and Rubio (#17).

Source: Idaho Statesman on 2014 Idaho Senate race Feb 10, 2014

Nels Mitchell: Served in state Senate and as Lt. Governor, then governor

Risch came to the Senate in 2009 after Larry Craig, charged with soliciting sex from an undercover cop, decided not to run again. Risch spent nearly three decades in state government, including a yearlong stint as governor (he filled a vacant term), two terms as lieutenant governor and two decades in the state Senate, much of the time as majority leader.
Source: Idaho Statesman on 2014 Idaho Senate race Feb 10, 2014

Nels Mitchell: Never been within 150 miles of Harry Reid; not hand-picked

Only hours after Democrat Nels Mitchell announced his candidacy, the Risch campaign fired off a statement trying to link Mitchell with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and a "big spending liberal legislative agenda."

"I don't think I've ever been within 150 miles of Harry Reid," Mitchell said of Risch's accusation that he was handpicked. He fired back that Risch has spent his term in Washington serving the interests of himself and hardcore conservatives.

Both camps hope to define the other as "extreme." Mitchell's campaign is focused on labeling Risch a "fringe" tea party conservative. The campaign's message aims to isolate Risch from at least two of his peers in the Idaho Congressional delegation. Mitchell said, if elected, he would team up with Rep. Mike Simpson, R-Idaho, and champion federal protection of the Boulder-White Clouds tract through legislation. He also said he would have partnered with Sen. Mike Crapo, R-Idaho, and co-sponsored VAWA.

Source: Magic Valley Times-News on 2014 Idaho Senate race Jan 15, 2014

Nels Mitchell: Middle-of-the-road Democrat; I'll team up with Republicans

Mitchell's narrative targets moderate Republicans who might be unhappy with Risch's conservatism. "I'm a moderate Democrat," said the 60 year-old Boise native. "A lot of us are middle-of-the-road Democrats."

Mitchell said, if elected, he would team up with Rep. Mike Simpson, R-Idaho, and champion federal protection of the Boulder-White Clouds tract through legislation. He also said he would have partnered with Sen. Mike Crapo, R-Idaho, and co-sponsored VAWA.

Source: Magic Valley Times-News on 2014 Idaho Senate race Jan 15, 2014

Butch Otter: Put aside partisanship & ambition in public interest

The kind of conservative, sustainable policies I [propose] are the best way to protect our traditional values while strengthening the foundation of our future. They are the product of tested, proven leadership that both honors and reflects our confidence in the people we serve. Our path is as straightforward but as challenging as living within our means. It is as simple but as complex as making government better without growing it bigger. It will require us to put aside partisanship and personal ambition in the public interest. And in this even-numbered year it will demand of us a willingness to look beyond the next election to Idaho's next generation.

Here in Idaho, let us work together to make our State government more about building partnerships for growth and less about imposing limits on opportunity. That's my hope and my goal as your Governor, for this session and beyond. More importantly, it is our shared charge and our sworn responsibility as public servants.

Source: 2014 Idaho State of the State speech Jan 6, 2014

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