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Goal: complete global nuclear disarmament

We demand the US honor its treaty obligations and restore the Intermediate Nuclear Force treaty and the Iran nuclear deal, that the US take its nuclear weapons off hair-trigger alert, adopt a No First Use policy, and unilaterally disarm to a minimum credible nuclear deterrent. The US should then follow up with urgent negotiations for complete global nuclear disarmament as provided for in the 1970 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and demanded by the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.
Source: Declaration of Candidacy for the Green Party Nomination , May 28, 2019

Endless war follows from capitalist competition

ENDLESS WAR: We will never have a secure peace as long as capitalism's competitive economic structure generates international conflicts and wars. Nuclear-armed capitalist states--including the US, Russia, and China--compete for resources, markets, cheap labor, and geopolitical military positioning. If we don't replace capitalism's nationalistic competition with socialism's international cooperation, sooner or later these conflicts will end in nuclear annihilation.
Source: 2020 Presidential Campaign website HowieHawkins.us , May 19, 2019

Immediate and unconditional withdrawal from Iraq

Q: Should the US support the creation of a Palestinian state?

A: Yes.

Q: Should the US withdraw its troops from Iraq?

A: Yes.

Q: Discuss your proposals for an exit strategy in Iraq.

A: Immediate and unconditional withdrawal. The real US military mission was to establish military bases and control the oil, not WMDs, terrorism, and democracy as the politicians spun it. The mission was imperialistic. It was wrong and it should stop.

Source: 2006 Congressional National Political Awareness , Nov 1, 2006

Replace Middle East occupation with peace

Q: What does Hawkins think of replacing US troops with UN in Iraq?

A: Supports Peace, not occupation in the Middle East. Cease fire.

Source: Email interview on 2006 Senate race with OnTheIssues.org , Aug 1, 2006

End the War in Iraq

End the War in Iraq. End the US commitment to decades of war trying to impose a military and corporate occupation of the Middle East and its oil. Stop all illegal US-led wars and covert action to overthrow governments (Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Haiti, Venezuela, etc.).
Source: 2006 Senate campaign website, hawkinsforsenate.org, “Issues” , Jun 30, 2006

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