Robert Steele on Government Reform



Economic stimulus won't work under current corrupt system

Q: Do you support the federal stimulus, or a free-market recovery, to get the country past the Great Recession?

A: This is an important question. The short answer is neither under the present government that is dishonest to the bone and ignorant as well. Were the government honest, it would have an Open Source Agency and be a proponent for holistic analytics, true cost economics, and open source everything engineering.

Q: And what should be done?

A: We should not be allowing industries to suck up vast quantities of water for evil ends including fracking and the sale of poisonous beverages. We should not be allowing the IT industry to export all of our jobs.

Source: E-mail interview on 2016 presidential race with OnTheIssues , Jun 19, 2015

Seek national ballot consensus on all issues

Q: What is your vision for the federal government?

A: My concept for an honest government can be found at We the People Reform Coalition. An honest government would combine a coalition cabinet with an end of the two-party tyranny in Congress, would achieve a balanced budget and tax reform, full employment, and added recently, a basic income for all. It would eliminate the 50% waste characteristic of all tax-payer subsidized endeavors, and most importantly, it would end the imperial presidency, publish all legislation online in advance, and seek national ballot consensus on all issues. What an individual candidate believes on any issue is relevant to their civil discussions with others, it should not have that great an impact on what the Nation decides once the power is back in the hands of the public.

Source: E-mail interview on 2016 presidential race with OnTheIssues , Jun 19, 2015

We need electoral reforms to elect an honest government

Q: You said that federal government actions are "generally based on outright lies"--what should be done?

A: The US Government is no longer trusted by the rest of the world or its own citizens. The US Government lacks intelligence with integrity. Until we achieve electoral reform and can elect an honest government, we must consider the US Government a threat to public prosperity and peace, a threat to be contained to the fullest extent possible.

Source: E-mail interview on 2016 presidential race with OnTheIssues , Jun 19, 2015

Bush and Obama White Houses both ruled by secrecy

Source: Email interview on presidential race with OnTheIssues.org , Jan 2, 2012

Citizens United is a national disgrace