Jill Stein on Welfare & Poverty

Green Party presidential nominee; Former Challenger for MA Governor

Right to affordable housing: expand rental & home assistance

We will honor the right to decent affordable housing, including an immediate halt to all foreclosures and evictions. We will create a federal bank with local branches to take over homes with distressed mortgages and either restructure the mortgages to affordable levels, or if the occupants cannot afford a mortgage, rent homes to the occupants. We will expand rental and home ownership assistance, create ample public housing, and capital grants to non-profit developers of affordable housing until all people can obtain decent housing at no more than 25% of their income.

We will honor the right to accessible and affordable utilities--heat, electricity, phone, internet, and public transportation--which will be made available to all through democratically run, publicly owned utilities that operate at cost, not for profit.

In honoring these rights we will create the basis for a new economy--an economy that is stable and not vulnerable to speculation.

Source: Green Party 2012 People's State of the Union speech , Jan 25, 2012

Don't prevent church-based welfare, but not as substitute

Q: Should churches be allowed to provide welfare services that are currently provided by the federal government?

A: We don't believe in substituting church programs for service that should be provided by government but we never oppose having a church do one particular thing. Should the government pull back and allow churches to provide services? That quickly becomes inherently discriminatory toward anyone not affiliated with that church.

Source: 2011 OnTheIssues interview with Jill Stein , Dec 21, 2011

Affordable housing & community development

Source: Campaign web site, JillForGov.org, “Issues” , Nov 24, 2001

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