Herman Cain on Foreign Policy

Republican Businessman & Talk-Show Host

If you mess with Israel, you're messing with the US

Q: What do you think about the Palestinian Authority bringing their bid for statehood to the United Nations?

CAIN: It starts with an extension of the Reagan philosophy of peace through strength. My philosophy would extend that to peace through strength and clarity. This administration has not made it clear how it stands with Israel. When I was in Israel last month, the deputy prime minister made it shockingly, chillingly clear that, given everything that's going on, that Israel will defend itself. I would also make it clear to all of the other people in the world, that if you mess with Israel, you're messing with the United States of America. We will stand solidly behind Israel. If in fact it was clear to the Palestinians, where the US stood, they might have had second thoughts about trying to pull such a move without negotiating with Israel.

Source: 2011 GOP Google debate in Orlando FL , Sep 22, 2011

Foreign policy should include bombs & bullets AND economics

Q: You said in June, "The way you stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon is for us to get serious about a real energy-independent strategy." Do you really think that more domestic oil production in this country is going to convince the mullahs in Tehran not to pursue a nuclear weapon?

A: I believe that our energy strategy is directly related to national security, as well as stopping Iran in their efforts. The head of Iran has said that he wants to wipe Israel off of the face of the Earth. I take that seriously. That being said, there's more to foreign policy than bombs and bullets. There's bombs and bullets and economics. If we maximize all of our energy resources in this country, we can become a player on the world market. As the price o oil goes down, it puts an economic squeeze on Iran. This is why I believe we should have a serious energy-independent strategy. That's what I meant by using our energy resources, not just oil, but all of our resources to become energy independent.

Source: Iowa Straw Poll 2011 GOP debate in Ames Iowa , Aug 11, 2011

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