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Mitt Romney on Environment

Former Republican Governor (MA)

States should be able to have their own emissions standards

Q: Schwarzenegger has proposed that California be allowed to implement much tougher environmental regulations on emission requirements than apply to the rest of the country. Do you side with the governor or with the Bush administration?

A: I side with states to be able to make their own regulations with regards to emissions within their own states. I side with states being able to make their own decisions, even if I don’t always agree with the decisions they make.

Source: 2008 Republican debate at Reagan Library in Simi Valley Jan 30, 2008

Response to Big Dig death shows how Romney handles crises

On July 10, 2006, the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority killed Milena Del Valle. The MTA didn’t intend her death, of course, but when 12 tons of concrete fell from the roof of the “Central Artery/Tunnel Project,” the $14 billion public works boondoggle commonly known as “The Big Dig,” the MTA’s recklessness and gross mismanagement had killed.

When tragedy struck, suddenly the Massachusetts legislature realized that the Big Dig was no longer merely a source of contracts that reeked of cronyism and corruption, but a potential public safety nightmare and political sinkhole. “It’s hard to view the catastrophe as an accident,” Romney declared. He immediately sought and received authority to conduct a safety audit of the tunnel and $20 million to conduct it.

Romney’s response to a tragedy and public safety crisis illustrates how he can be expected to act as president when the inevitable crisis arises: to demand authority and to act, but only with the advice of the best experts available.

Source: A Mormon in the White House?, by Hugh Hewitt, p.155-157 Mar 12, 2007

Lit mountain with Olympic rings while placating enviro’s

We decided to put rings on the side of a mountain. Together the rings were the size of 10 football fields, with 1000s of high output, low energy bulbs, strung on three parallel electric cables. Then came the flack from environmental activists.

They charged the installation would damage ground cover. I described our precautions: the whole program had been environmentally engineered to protect the land. We agreed to re-grade the dirt road. We also agreed to plant seed when we were through. We agreed to pay $25,000 to the Nature Conservancy endowment. The environmental groups still said no. If it were not for the courage of the Mayor standing up to some constituents, we might not have prevailed. That and the generosity of Utah Power. They bought 1000s of bulbs and their own workers installed it.

The rings were a signature of the overall look of the Games. We even had requests from the community that we illuminate the rings in the morning so commuters could enjoy the Olympic spirit.

Source: Turnaround, by Mitt Romney, p.221-222 Aug 25, 2004

Clean environment will be a campaign theme

Seizing on the momentum of his successful leadership of the Olympics in Salt Lake City, Romney revealed a campaign theme that relies heavily on his management and leadership experience.

“There have been too many left behind,” Romney said after his announcement, in response to reporters’ questions. “Our schools aren’t solid enough; our environment has not been cleaned the way it could be. Our streets are not as safe as they could be. All these things could be made better in my view with the application of new leadership and sound management principles.“

The millionaire venture capitalist said voters should not have trouble connecting with his candidacy. ”Everything I’ve done over the last three years, I think, makes it clear that I’m very much connected with the people of our country and the people of our world,“ he said.

Source: Stephanie Ebbert, Boston Globe, p. B6 Mar 20, 2002

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