Frank McEnulty on Principles & Values

New American Independent Party nominee for President

Reform Party vice-presidential and NAIP presidential nominee

In early 2007, a federal jury trial in Florida determined that the Tampa 2005 national convention of the Reform Party had not been valid. In late 2007, a state court in Texas determined that the prior national convention, in Yuma in early 2005, had also not been valid. On July 15, the Texas court held a hearing [and determined that the Convention could proceed].

The Reform Party national meeting of July 18-19 in Dallas nominated Ted Weill of Tylertown, Mississippi for president, and Frank E. McEnulty of Long Beach, California, for vice-president. McEnulty has already been running as the presidential nominee of the New American Independent Party. He is already on the ballot in Colorado. However, when he addressed the convention, he said that he would withdraw as a presidential candidate and hoped to be the vice-presidential nominee for the Reform Party. The presidential vote was: Weill 25, McEnulty 3. McEnulty was then chosen for vice-president by acclamation.

Source: Ballot Access News, Richard Winger, editor Jul 20, 2008

New American Independent Party's first presidential nominee

The New American Independent Party Nominates Frank McEnulty for President: Newcomer will become NAIP's first Presidential candidate

The New American Independent Party announced today that Frank McEnulty has won the inaugural New American Independent Party Presidential nomination. A strong majority of voters nominated Frank McEnulty during the month long Instant Runoff voting primary.

The New American Independent Party National Chairman said, "We are proud to be represented by Frank McEnulty in our first presidential campaign. I look forward to the next 7+ months of campaigning. The American people are ready for a pragmatic problem solver and Frank McEnulty is just that. A 2008 ticket led by Frank McEnulty will allow us to build and grow the New American Independent Party, recruit local citizen candidates and register new voters."

Source: Press release, "NAIP's first Presidential candidate" Mar 12, 2008

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