Chuck Baldwin on Technology

Constitution Party nominee for President; Reform Party nominee in several states

Bush has built a universal surveillance society

Secret 'suspicious activity reports' filed by financial institutions and reviewed by teams of agents spread around the country. The American people are largely unaware that they are now living in a universal surveillance society. Virtually every major financial transaction--as well as much of their travel--is reported and monitored by the federal government. This total surveillance system, that began in earnest under Bill Clinton's administration, has mushroomed into a ubiquitous and finely tuned science under George W. Bush. Dare I say that Dubya's neurotic fixation with spying on ordinary citizens rivals Comrade Stalin's paranoiac obsession with a total surveillance society?

You and I are constantly being watched, listened to, monitored, taped, and stalked by our own government. So, do any of us really believe that we still live in a free country? A Chuck Baldwin Administration will bring an immediate end to the surveillance state.

Source: Campaign website, www.baldwin2008.com, "Issues" May 27, 2008

Bypass news media & use Internet to get political attention

Baldwin announced plans to gain the kind of attention Ron Paul achieved through the Internet where he succeeded in "showing how to circumvent the media." He found while campaigning during 2004 that "the American people haven't rejected our message; they haven't heard our message!" And he blamed that deficiency on the dominant news media leading Americans to believe "there are only two political parties." The conventioneers roared their agreement when he pledged, "This we intend to change."
Source: John F. McManus in The New American Apr 27, 2008

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