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  • Dick Cheney: GOP V.P.
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  • Topics in the News

    Click on a topic below to see the candidates' views on that issue
    Affirmative Action See Civil Rights
    Afghanistan See War & Peace
    Alternative Energy See Energy & Oil
    American Exceptionalism See Foreign Policy
    Arab Spring See Foreign Policy
    Armed Forces Personnel See Homeland Security
    Bailout & Stimulus See Corporations
    Campaign Finance See Government Reform
    China See Foreign Policy
    Death Penalty See Crime
    Death Tax See Tax Reform
    Disabled Rights See Civil Rights
    Drug War See Drugs
    Energy Independence See Energy & Oil
    Entitlement Reform See Health Care
    Faith-Based Organizations See Welfare & Poverty
    Federal Reserve See Budget & Economy
    Flat Tax See Tax Reform
    Foreign Aid See Foreign Policy
    Gay Rights See Civil Rights
    Gays in Military See Civil Rights
    Global Warming See Energy & Oil
    Globalization See Free Trade
    HIV-AIDS See Health Care
    Illegal Immigrants See Immigration
    Iranian Nukes See Homeland Security
    Iraq See War & Peace
    Israel & Palestine See War & Peace
    Mexican Border See Immigration
    NAFTA See Free Trade
    Natural Resources See Environment
    NCLB See Education
    North Korea See War & Peace
    Nuclear Energy & Weapons See Energy & Oil
    ObamaCare See Health Care
    Privacy See Civil Rights
    Privatization See Social Security
    School Prayer See Education
    SDI Missile Defense See Homeland Security
    Second Amendment See Gun Control
    Stem Cells See Abortion
    Supreme Court See Government Reform
    Three Strikes See Crime
    Tort Reform See Health Care
    Unionization See Jobs
    United Nations See Foreign Policy
    Veterans See Homeland Security
    Vouchers See Education
    War on Terror See War & Peace

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