Steve Lynch on Infrastructure

Safeguard “intimate and personal” genetic information

The genetic testing bill prohibits employers and insurance agencies from requiring genetic tests for employees and consumers. The bill amends a current law that allows employers to dismiss employees or deny them insurance benefits because their genes indicate they may develop an illness in the future. Under the new provisions, employers and insurance agencies cannot discriminate against, refuse to hire or terminate employers based on their genetic test results. The bill also provides a privacy safeguard for genetic information. This means that those people being tested will now be aware of what they are being tested for, how the information will be used, and who will have access to the information.

“The results of genetic tests contain some of the most intimate and personal information about each of us and our families,” said Senator Lynch. “This legislation allows us to dictate our own genetic privacy and as a result protect us from genetic discrimination.”

Source: Press Release, “Genetic Testing” Aug 14, 2000

Voted YES on banning Internet gambling by credit card.

Internet Gambling Bill: Vote to pass a bill that would prohibit credit card companies and other financial institutions from processing Internet gambling transactions. Exempt from the ban would be state regulated or licensed transactions.
Reference: Bill sponsored by Spencer, R-AL; Bill HR 2143 ; vote number 2003-255 on Jun 10, 2003

Voted YES on allowing telephone monopolies to offer Internet access.

Internet Freedom and Broadband Deployment Act of 2001: Vote to pass a bill that would allow the four regional Bell telephone companies to enter the high-speed Internet access market via their long-distance connections whether or not they have allowed competitors into their local markets as required under the 1996 Telecommunications Act. The bill would allow the Bells to increase the fees they charge competitors for lines upgraded for broadband services from "wholesale rates" to "just and reasonable rates." It also would also allow the Bells to charge for giving competitors access to certain rights-of-way for broadband access. Certain FCC regulatory oversight would be maintained although the phone companies' high speed services would be exempted from regulation by the states.
Reference: Bill sponsored by Tauzin, R-LA; Bill HR 1542 ; vote number 2002-45 on Feb 27, 2002

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