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Richard Tisei on Education

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Voted NO on aid to agricultural, technical, and vocational schools.
Platform indicates voting YES in Part II: Education:Putting Education to Work.

Override Gov. Romney's reduction of Budget Line Item 7061-0008 , which cut state aid to agricultural, vocational, and technical schools, many of which are located in rural areas of the state.

The relevant part of the MassDems Platform is PART II: EDUCATION, TRAINING, AND OPPORTUNITY: Putting Education to Work: "We believe that initiatives like School-to-Work and effective vocational curricula that help students acquire the skills needed for high wage jobs are of vital importance in today’s sophisticated economy. We support cooperation among educators, employers, and labor to ensure the creation and preservation of good jobs in the Commonwealth, and the next generation of wellqualified workers to fill them."

Reference: Putting Education to Work; Bill H.4004 item 7061-0008 ; vote number MA03-S246 on Jul 17, 2003

Voted NO on Exempting two-way bilingual programs from English-only rules.
Platform indicates voting YES in Part II: Education:Excellence, Equality and Community.

Gov. Romney vetoed budget section 210, which says. “Section 4 of MGL chapter 71A is hereby further amended to add:— “Foreign language classes for children who already know English, 2-way bilingual programs for students in kindergarten through grade 12 and special education programs for physically or mentally impaired students shall be unaffected.” [MGL chapter 71A requires English-only classroom teaching. Section 210 would exempt “2-way classes” in which some students are native English speakers and some are non-native English speakers. A vote to override the Governor's veto would continue to allow that type of bilingual education although foreign-language classes without native English-speaking students would still be disallowed.]

The relevant part of the MassDems Platform is Part II: Education, Training, And Opportunity -- Excellence, Equality and Community: "We reaffirm our support for classroom programs, including Special and Bilingual Education"

Reference: Excellence, Equality and Community; Bill Section 209 ; vote number MA03-S156 on Jul 14, 2003

Voted YES on Allowing a meals tax at the city and town level.
Platform indicates voting YES in Part II: Education:Full Funding.

Allowing a municipal tax on the sale of meals in addition to the state meals tax, by a ballot question vote in each city or town. [Expands the taxing authority for cities and towns, and hence provides more tax revenue for schools].

The relevant part of the MassDems Platform is Part II: Education, Training, And Opportunity -- Full Funding: "we reject policies that direct funds away from the children and the programs in our public schools"

Reference: Full Funding; Bill H.4003 ; vote number MA03-S56 on Jun 12, 2003

Voted YES on Abolishing the Office of the U Mass President.
Platform indicates voting NO in Part II: Education:Student Loans and Higher Education.

Approving the Reorganization Plan for Higher Education by creating accountability in the appointment of the Chancellor of Higher Education and Commissioner of Education and abolishing the unnecessary costs created by the Office of the President of the University.

The relevant part of the MassDems Platform is Part II: Education, Training, And Opportunity -- Student Loans and Higher Education. "We believe in making higher education accessible to all students"

Reference: Student Loans and Higher Education; Bill H.3902 ; vote number MA03-S50 on Jun 5, 2003

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