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Joseph Driscoll on Economic Growth

This Scorecard reflects votes from the 2003-2004 legislative session. Click here for the 2005-2006 Scorecard.

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Voted NO on allowing parents on welfare to go back to school.
Platform indicates voting YES in Part IV: Economic Growth:Supporting the Transition from Welfare to Work.

Override Gov. Romney's veto of a program to allow parents with young children who are on welfare to go back to school in lieu of working to meet the requirements of the federal Personal Work and Responsibility Act of 1996.

The relevant part of the MassDems Platform is PART IV: ECONOMIC GROWTH, JOBS & SECURITY: Supporting the Transition from Welfare to Work: "We seek to help welfare recipients successfully find and keep jobs. We advocate increased job training and educational opportunities, and we must ensure that support systems in child care, transportation, and health insurance are in place to enable people to work and to advance into more highly paid jobs... We recognize that for some, that transition may take a lifetime."

Reference: Supporting the Transition from Welfare to Work; Bill Section 528 ; vote number MA03-H368 on Jul 16, 2003

Voted YES on funding for International Trade Council to promote exports.
Platform indicates voting YES in Part IV: Economic Growth:Competitive Advantage and a Global Economy.

Vote on veto override of Supplemental appropriations, International Trade Council: Item 7007-1300 (contained in section 2 as $1,100,000, see House, No. 4330), which had returned by the Governor with a reduction (to $500,000; for message, see House, No. 4365), was considered.

Relevant platform section:Part IV: Economic Growth: Competitive Advantage and a Global Economy: "We believe the extraordinary depth and breadth of the knowledge-based sector of the Massachusetts economy is a key competitive edge in the global market. We champion strong federal research & development funding programs, and assistance to smaller companies and startups seeking to commercialize promising technology. We encourage open global trade that promotes fair employment and sound environmental standards by our trading partners. We support state and federal efforts to promote Massachusetts exports."

Bill Veto Override, Item 7007-1300 ; vote number MA04-H495 on Jan 14, 2004

Voted YES on investing in emerging technologies, math & science Fund.
Platform indicates voting YES in Part IV: Economic Growth:Workforce Training.

Vote on overriding the governor's veto of the following section: (Section 70): contained in the engrossed Bill relative to investments in emerging technologies to promote job creation, economic stability and competitiveness in the Massachusetts economy.

Relevant platform section:Part IV: Economic Growth: Workforce Training: "We are aware that one out of three workers in this state need additional skills to maintain their employment in today’s changing economy.... In the face of a global economy and advanced technology, workers need ongoing skill development and job training. We support increased public and private funding for business and labor to address the Massachusetts skills gap."

Bill Veto Override, sec.70 ; vote number MA04-H481 on Jan 13, 2004

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