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People looking for independent who fights for average people

Q: What makes you more electable in November than your two opponents?

REILLY: People are looking for independents. I've been an independent Democrat throughout my career. Willing to stand up to my party when it was right for the people of Massachusetts. A big issue in this campaign is rolling back the taxes; I'm the only Democrat in this race who is willing to stand up and fight for the people on things that are important to them. I have a proven record of getting things done, and things that are important too, their safety, the protection of their children, also on the education of their children as well. So I have a proven record of standing up for people and fighting for people. I live the life of a average working family in Massachusetts, I understand that life, I'll be a governor who is going to be on their side.

Source: MA gubernatorial debate on CBS4 news, moderator: Jon Keller Sep 13, 2006

"Misguided youth" included arrest for drunkenness

Reilly described himself as a "misguided youth" the year his father died. Mortimer "Marty" Reilly, was found dead at home from a heart attack when Reilly was 16. Reilly was arrested for public drunkeness when he was 20. By age 22, he was focused with driving ambition, much to the credit of Wayne Budd's father, an ex-Marine turned policeman in Springfield who took him under wing and encouraged him to go to school.
Source: Wikipedia.com Feb 6, 2006

Running mate withdraws due to troubled personal finances

State Representative Marie St. Fleur, the candidate for lieutenant governor that Reilly chose on Tuesday, bowed out on Wednesday, the same day the Globe disclosed that she has had three delinquent tax debts in the last four years, including an April 2005 federal tax lien of $12,711 against her and her husband. Reilly acknowledged Thursday that he failed to closely examine St. Fleur's finances and said that ''politics are not my strong suit."
Source: By Frank Phillips and Scott Greenberger, Boston Globe Feb 5, 2006

Appeals to centrist voters and blue-collar workers

Several voters praised Reilly's appeal to centrist voters, who could be key as Democrats try to win the governors' office after a 20-year drought. For example, he won Methuen, where voters praised his law enforcement background. ''It's pretty much a blue-collar town and he appeals to blue-collar people," said one Methuen resident. Some urban areas, such as Somerville, Brockton, and Salem, went overwhelmingly for Patrick, mainly because Reilly never fielded a slate.
Source: By Frank Phillips and Scott Greenberger, Boston Globe Feb 5, 2006

Inclusive of Democrats, Independents and Republicans

"The people I talk to as I travel this state - they know that Massachusetts is not as great as it has been, or as it should be," Reilly said. Under Governor Mitt Romney and Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey, Massachusetts has lost thousands of jobs and is the only state to lose population for the last two years. Reilly offered a new, winning course-one that is inclusive of a broader group of Democrats, Independents and Republicans. We can make Massachusetts great again. Together, we can make it happen.
Source: Campaign kickoff speech Jan 24, 2006

Born and raised in Springfield

Tom Reilly was born and raised in Springfield , Massachusetts. Tom learned the values of hard work and responsibility from his parents, who immigrated to this country from Ireland. His mother worked as a maid. His father was a laborer for the city of Springfield who worked his way up to foreman. As a boy working alongside his father on summer road crews, Tom gained an early appreciation for what it means to be a part of a team and what it takes to get a job done right.
Source: Campaign website, www.tomreilly.org Jan 8, 2006

Worked for CIA and Ford Motors

Tom's early career included brief stints as an analyst for the Central Intelligence Agency in Virginia and then in labor relations with Ford Motor Company in Detroit before he returned to Massachusetts to pursue a career as a lawyer. He earned his law degree in 1970 from Boston College Law School.

Tom has spent his career fighting against injustice, speaking for those without a voice, and working to make things better for the people and families of Massachusetts.

Source: Campaign website, www.tomreilly.org Jan 8, 2006

Served as prosecutor and Middlesex District Attorney

Reilly served as a prosecutor for the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office and a civil rights lawyer for the Attorney General's Office before going into private practice. In 1983, Tom returned to public service as the First Assistant District Attorney in Middlesex County. When the position of Middlesex DA opened up in 1990, Tom ran for the job and won.
Source: Campaign website, www.tomreilly.org Jan 8, 2006

A leader on issues that matter to the people

As Attorney General, Tom quickly established himself as a leader on issues that matter to the people of Massachusetts: protecting children and elders; preserving access to quality, affordable health care; ensuring a competitive economy for businesses and safety and fairness for workers; making our schools better; keeping up the fight against tobacco companies; and standing up to national efforts to weaken environmental laws.
Source: Campaign website, www.tomreilly.org Jan 8, 2006

Married for 40 years; three kids; six grandkids

Tom and his wife, Ruth, whom he met when both were college students in Western Massachusetts , were married in 1966. They have three daughters, five granddaughters and a grandson.
Source: Campaign website, www.tomreilly.org Jan 8, 2006

Accused of covering up investigation for campaign donor

Worcester D.A. John Conte says he has "no idea" why Attorney General Tom Reilly called him about an alcohol-related Northboro wreck that killed two sisters, and denied that the AG's call influenced his decision not to press charges.

Reilly has been accused of improperly intervening in the case because he is a friend of the girls' father, Chris Murphy, who is also a Reilly campaign donor. Reilly has admitted advising Conte not to release toxicology reports, which may have conclusively proven the

Source: Dave Wedge and Casey Ross, in Boston Herald Jan 7, 2006

Conte case: Reilly wanted to spare family, not cover up

When Tom Reilly announced he was running for attorney general in 1998, he was introduced by Worcester District Attorney John Conte. Today, as Reilly runs for governor, he's being criticized for calling Conte amid his investigation into the death of the daughters of one of the attorney general's campaign contributors.

Reilly said he called Conte in mid-November only to urge him to withhold the girls' autopsy and toxicology reports from the media. Campaign finance reports revealed the girls' father

Source: Glen Johnson, AP, in Boston Globe Jan 6, 2006

Galvin withdraws; it's head-to-head against Deval Patrick

Secretary of State William F. Galvin said yesterday he will not run for governor and instead will seek reelection to a fourth term, setting up a two-person battle for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination between Attorney General Thomas Reilly and former federal civil rights enforcer Deval Patrick.

Barring an unexpected entry in the race, Galvin's decision means that Democrats will have a choice in next September's party primary between Reilly, who is aiming his candidacy at moderates and

Source: Frank Phillips, Boston Globe Dec 13, 2005

Built $4M warchest from those doing business with AG office

Secretary of State Galvin said a major factor in his decision to withdraw from the gubernatorial race was his inability to compete with Reilly in fund-raising. Galvin said, "even with the $1.7 million I have raised, it is an issue, especially in an era of self-funders. We are seeing a trend. It makes it very difficult for people with average means to seek higher office."

Galvin put a crimp in his fund-raising effort when he set a policy of sharply limiting donations from interests that do business

Source: Frank Phillips, Boston Globe Dec 13, 2005

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