Carla Howell on Principles & Values

Libertarian Challenger Governor (MA); 2000 Challenger for Senate

Sees opportunity in two-way race against Kennedy

Since October 1999, we’ve been building this US Senate campaign so we’d be poised to take advantage of whatever opportunities came our way.

We have a top-notch campaign team - mostly volunteer - of very professional, competent, just-get-it-done folks dedicated to liberty and small government.

We have one of the finest State Libertarian Parties in the country. Massachusetts Libertarians don’t just talk about Liberty, we work for Liberty. Just like you do.

And now a great opportunity is before us: a two-way race against Big Government Ted Kennedy!

We’re running the best US Senate campaign in Libertarian Party history -- and what may well be the biggest and most fundamental challenge Senator Kennedy ever faced.

Source: Small Government News (Carla Howell newsletter) Jul 14, 2000

Big Government IS the problem; small government is beautiful

Big Government programs don’t work. Big Government creates new problems. Big Government IS the problem. But the biggest cost of these Big Government programs is the shattered lives and destroyed dreams of the people who count on them.

Small government will make things better. Small government is simple and cheap. Small government is thrifty. Small government is accountable. And there’s no place to hide waste and corruption in a very small government budget. Small government is beautiful.

Source: Press Release, “Wows Libertarian Presidential Delegates” Jul 6, 2000

Republicans discuss small govt but produce Big Govt

I’ve spoken with lots of small government Republicans. When I point out to them that professional Republican politicians propose and vote for Bigger Government - they don’t argue. They know it’s true. Some are not ready to abandon their long-held allegiance to the Republican Party. But not one has denied that Republican politicians have refused to give them what they want - small government. It’s great to be part of a campaign that has absolutely no interest in selling out Americans and no interest in cashing in on political pork. This campaign - and the Libertarian Party - is about the beauty, simplicity, and dignity of small government.
Source: Small Government News (Carla Howell newsletter) Jan 21, 2000

Number one issue: Big government versus small government

Q: What is your number one campaign issue?

A: Big government versus small government. One simple issue, one simple choice. Big government problems, or small government solutions. Big government is the problem; small government is the solution. I am campaigning for small government. You either get big government and high taxes or small government and low taxes.

Source: Eric Darbe, Massachusetts News Jan 5, 2000

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