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More headlines: Alan Keyes on Health Care

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Focus on cost-reductions, not methods of payment

Q: Should health care be provided by more of a combination of government & churches & philanthropic organizations? A: The best way to regulate these matters and the best way to achieve results is not just to concentrate on how you pay for everything, but to concentrate on how you keep the costs down. We need an approach that will put the consumer of medical services in the driverís seat and that will not just help to pay for things. If the costs keep skyrocketing, what good is it to keep throwing money after those higher costs? We need a system that will bring those costs down. And the system that brings the costs down in every other area of our lives is a consumer-policed system of competition where people have the right to make their own choices and can then carry the dollars that theyíre going to use in a way that achieves the best results for them. Wherever weíre going to spend this money, we ought to voucherize it and let people make their own choices as to their medical care.
Source: Des Moines Iowa GOP Debate Dec 13, 1999

For tax-free medical savings accounts

Allow Americans to set up a tax-free medical savings account, which would be taxed if used for any purpose other than medical costs.
Source: 1996 National Political Awareness Test, Project Vote Smart Jul 2, 1996

Abstinence, not condoms, for AIDS control

The Clinton administration [has made] condoms the instrument of choice for AIDS prevention. This represents a return to the permissiveness of the 1960s. Given the contradictory evidence on condom effectiveness against the AIDS virus, this is a high-risk approach, tantamount to playing Russian roulette with the lives and health of millions of Americans, especially among the young. But we canít expect teens to practice abstinence, can we? So itís just say yes to sex, show self-control the door.
Source: Our Character, Our Future, p. 27-8 May 2, 1996

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