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Alan Keyes on Corporations

American Independent nominee for President; 2004 Republican challenger for IL Senate

Corporate elites want cheap immigrant labor

The border is a matter of security, first of all. And we have to make sure that we control it, or no laws we pass have any significance. People will still cross on their own terms. So the very first priority has to be to get back control. But we also have to remember why we lost control, because these elites who have been under the thumb of certain corporate interests have an interest in cheapening the price of labor in America.
Source: 2007 GOP Presidential Forum at Morgan State University , Sep 27, 2007

Protect workers’ pensions when companies declare bankruptcy

Q: A Southern Illinois coal company filed bankruptcy and abandoned retired coal workers - would Keyes support federal legislation to protect retirees in this situation?

A: Absolutely yes. I have heard about this and think it is totally unfair. Instead of putting workers, who have invested a good part of their lives in that work, at the end of the line they should be taken care of first. You have to make sure that they are an essential component and that the contribution they have made is respected.

Source: Q&A with Southern Illinoisan reporter , Sep 13, 2004

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