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Marty Walsh on Crime


More community policing & diversions for non-violent crimes

Marty's policy on fighting crime will rely upon intelligence gathering, smart policing, and community-based efforts. In some of these areas Boston already excels and is considered a national example. Nevertheless, there is a still much to be done and with Marty in City Hall, progress will be made.
Source: 2013 Mayoral campaign website,, "Issues" , Nov 7, 2013

Voted NO on reinstating capital punishment

Massachusetts Democratic Party Platform indicates voting NO in Part X: SAFETY AND CRIME: Clause 3: Death penalty. [State Rep. Walsh, a Democrat, voted NO].

The Governor recommended legislation reinstating capital punishment in the Commonwealth. A vote of YES would include the Governor's recommended bill, and would reinstate the death penalty for certain crimes, and with numerous safeguards against abuse. The crimes included: terrorism; killing police officers; torture; or murder-sprees.

The relevant part of the MassDems Platform is Part X, clause 3: SAFETY, JUSTICE AND CRIME PREVENTION: In opposing the reinstatement of the death penalty, Massachusetts Democrats join with other western democracies in upholding the Universal Doctrine of Human Rights. Instead, the Commonwealth imposes life in prison without parole for first-degree murderers.

Bill H. 3834 ; vote number H302

Source: Massachusetts House Journals via , Nov 15, 2005

Supported funding Mass Correctional Legal Services

Massachusetts Democratic Party Platform indicates voting YES in Part VI: Safety & Justice:Legal Services. [State Rep. Walsh voted YES].

Override Gov. Romney's veto of Budget Line Item 0321-2100, $500,000 for the Massachusetts Correctional Legal Services (MCLS). MCLS provides the only legal aid to indigent incarcerated individuals.

Relevant platform section: PART VI: SAFETY, JUSTICE & CRIME PREVENTION Legal Services: "We support publicly funded legal services to provide legal representation and advice on issues such as housing, employment, domestic violence, health, elder law, public benefits, and immigration. We urge full state and federal funding of such services."

Source citation: Veto Override ; vote number 258

Source: Massachusetts House Journals via , Jul 10, 2003

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