James Carville on Government Reform



Government's "heavy hand" does a lot of good

The federal government was not considered a bad thing when I was growing up. First of all, it kept my feet dry. Before I was born, the Mississippi River used to overflow its banks every spring and flood the whole town of Carville and many other towns like it. It was a Washington Bureaucrat who got the idea that we could build a levee system to stop the flooding, and the federal taxpayers helped us do it. It was the heavy hand of government at work.

In my hometown, the federal government also cared for a group of people no one else was willing to care for--folks from all over the country who came down with Hansen's disease, a condition more commonly known as leprosy. Carville was world famous as the home to the Gillis W. Long Hansen's Disease Center, where doctors developed the multidrug treatment that now allows people with Hansen's to lead a near-normal life. Only the federal government had the resources and inclination to do that.

Source: We're Right, They're Wrong, by James Carville, p. xiii , Feb 20, 1996

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