Howard Phillips on Budget & Economy

2000 Constitution Party Nominee for President


No spending increases; no compromise

Since 1994, the GOP has voted to increase Federal spending and taxes to more than $2 trillion, about $600 billion per year more than when they gained control of Congress. The GOP leadership defends its collaboration with Democrats by saying, “half a loaf is better than none”. But that political poison is much worse than no loaf at all. They want you to despair, to settle for less, to forfeit and give up on achieving the policy changes for which they are unwilling to risk their political careers. But to achieve victory, first you must seek it, and, by God’s grace, if you seek it, you may in fact achieve it.
Source: Educational Freedom Speech “The battle for children’s minds” , Feb 14, 2000

Smaller budget-or no budget-is better than a balanced budget

In the 1960s the noted economist, Milton Friedman, observed that it would be better to have a $200 billion in deficit than a $2 trillion budget in balance. Federal spending was less than $100 billion when Kennedy took office, $200 billion in Nixon’s first year, $600 billion when Reagan took the oath, $1.2 trillion when the Presidency passed to Bush, and, today, Republicans in Congress and Democrats in the White House have enacted a $2 trillion budget to take effect soon after the turn of the century.
Source: Campaign 2000 Presidential Nominee Acceptance Speech , Sep 4, 1999

The Fed is an instrument for legalized plunder

On the Federal Reserve:It ain’t Federal, and it has no reserves. Since the Fed was created in 1913, our people have suffered under inflation of more than 1,000%, whereas in the [prior] 126 years, cumulative inflation was less than 17%. They have stolen more than 975% or your savings & your earnings & it must stop. As we return to a system of Constitutional money, no longer will behind-the-scenes bankers and plutocrats be able to plunder your pension, steal your savings, or devalue your dollars.
Source: Campaign 2000 Presidential Nominee Acceptance Speech , Sep 4, 1999

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