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George Allen on Welfare & Poverty

Republican Senate Challenger

Supports allowing churches to provide welfare services

Under the leadership of Governor Allen, Virginia enacted comprehensive, pro-family welfare reforms based on the twin pillars of the work ethic and individual responsibility. Under Virginia’s reform, all able-bodied and able-minded welfare recipients are required to work within 90 days of coming onto welfare, and benefits are limited to two years so that assistance is temporary and does not become a permanent way of life.
Source: Web site , Sep 19, 2000

Minor mothers must live at home & identify fathers

Under Virginia’s welfare reform, unmarried minor mothers must be enrolled in school and live at home; no additional benefits are provided to those who have more children while on welfare. Mothers are required to assist in identifying fathers to receive benefits, and parents who refuse to support their children are likely to lose their professional, occupational and drivers’ licenses.
Source: Web site , Sep 12, 2000

Tax credits to promote home ownership in distressed areas.

Allen co-sponsored the Community Development Homeownership Tax Credit Act

Amends the Internal Revenue Code to permit a community homeownership tax credit based upon an applicable percentage of each qualified residence's eligible basis. Makes such credit available to residences (including factory built homes) located:

  1. in a census tract with a median gross income not exceeding 80 percent of the greater area or statewide median gross income;
  2. in a rural area;
  3. on an Indian reservation; or
  4. in an area of chronic economic distress.
Prohibits a buyer's income from exceeding 80 percent (70 percent for families of less than three) of the area gross median income and requires owner occupancy.
Source: Bill sponsored by 45 Senators 03-S875 on Apr 10, 2003

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