Elizabeth Dole on Principles & Values

Crusade for a rebirth of our values

Dole said that a president should use the White House as a ‘bully pulpit’ to show the difference between right & wrong. “We have lost touch with a universal set of rights and wrongs,” Dole said. “While the soundness of the economy is very important. we need to reaffirm those basic values. We have to lead a crusade across America.” If elected, Dole said she would lead the way to “a rebirth of our values.” She pointed to student test scores and youth drug use as evidence of a fraying of the social fabric
Source: Mike Glover, Associated Press Aug 2, 1999

Economic health masks serious societal problems

Dole talked at length about the importance of bedrock values for both the presidency and the American family. Dole promised to “always tell it like it is” and said the nation’s economic health masks serious societal problems. She mentioned such problems as illiteracy, lack of school discipline, teen drug abuse, burdensome taxes and a deficit in basic American values, such as civility and personal responsibility. The nation needs a rebirth of values, Dole said, pledging to lead by example.
Source: Jonathan Roos, Des Moines Register Jul 25, 1999

Brings ‘courageous conservatism’ via courage of convictions

“I think people want straight talk. They want people with the courage of their convictions. That’s what I call courageous conservatism and that’s what I’m bringing to the table.”
Source: Boston Sunday Globe p. A-22 Jun 13, 1999

Restore integrity in our government

We are a good and great nation, and we must demand a government with the integrity to inspire trust and straightforward strength to keep us free. At a time when the presidency has been tarnished, when words have been devalued and institutions have squandered respect, our confidence in our leaders is shaky. But we can rebuild it.... If our leaders are not worthy, we have the power to elect leaders who are.
Source: Manchester Chamber of Commerce, NH, Feb.8,1999 Feb 8, 1999

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