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Arnold Schwarzenegger on Drugs

Republican CA Governor

Admitted to marijuana usage, but no hard drugs

The most notorious interview he gave at the time was for a Q and A with the now-defunct Oui magazine.

OUI: So you believe in writing your own rules?

SCHWARZENEGGER: Exactly. There are bodybuilders who are afraid of indulging in sex or even of playing other sports for fear of harming their bodies. I think that's silly. What's the use of building your body if you don't use it?

If his comments about sex later offended the morals crowd, his candid admission about his illegal drug use may have been even more damaging among his future law-and-order Republican base.

OUI: Do you use dope?

SCHWARZENEGGER: Yes, grass and hash--no hard drugs. But the point is that I do what I feel like doing. I'm not on a health kick. I know I should take vitamins, for example, but I forget half the time.

Source: The Governator, by Ian Halperin, p.142-144 , Oct 12, 2010

No legalization except for the medicinal use of marijuana

The actor also said he does not support the legalization of drugs, except for the medicinal use of marijuana; he is in favor of limited school vouchers; and he supports allowing schools to decide whether prayer will be part of their day.
Source: , Aug 28, 2003

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