Stephen Johnson on Environment

Director of the E.P.A.

Improve the Earth while maintaining economy

BUSH: When confirmed by the Senate, Steve will also become the first professional scientist to lead the EPA. He will use that background to set clear, rational standards for environmental quality, and to place sound scientific analysis at the heart of all major decisions. Steve shares my conviction that we can improve the Earth while maintaining a vibrant and competitive economy. He will work cooperatively with leaders in government, industry, and environmental advocacy to continue using our resources wisely. He will listen to those living closest to the land, because they know our environmental needs best.

JOHNSON: If confirmed, it will be my distinct privilege to serve you and our nation to continue to advance environmental agenda while maintaining our nation’s economic competitiveness.

Source: Pres. Bush’s nomination speech for Johnson , Dec 9, 2004

First task: pass Bush’s Clear Skies Initiative

All Americans are benefitting from the EPA’s practical approach and emphasis on results, and Steve will build on that progress. His immediate task is to work with Congress to pass my Clear Skies Initiative. This innovative legislation will reduce power plant pollution by 70%, without disrupting the economy or raising electricity prices. Clear Skies is a common-sense, pro-environment, pro-jobs piece of legislation, and Congress needs to get it to my desk this year.
Source: Pres. Bush’s nomination speech for Johnson , Dec 9, 2004

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