Rod Paige on Health Care

Former Secretary of Education (Pres. Bush Cabinet)

Bush has won some huge victories on health care

Bush has won some huge victories to make health care cost less and be there when you need it. Health care is the lifeblood of our future, and it touches every life - our grandparents, our parents, our children, you. And when you need it, you want it to be reliable, affordable, and lifelong. You want it to reflect the dignity and the value of those you love. Thanks to Bush’s leadership, over 40 million seniors and individuals with disabilities will soon have access to prescription drugs.
Source: 2004 Republican Convention Speech , Aug 31, 2004

The Medicare prescription drug discount card is helpful

Among the improvements we made are new screenings for heart disease, diabetes and cancer - a first ever “Welcome to Medicare” physical exam. The Medicare prescription drug discount card is providing 4 million seniors with immediate relief from the high cost of their medicines. We believe true compassion encourages and empowers Americans to be responsible and take control of their own lives. That’s what Bush and the Republican Congress did when we made Health Savings Accounts the law of the land.
Source: 2004 Republican Convention Speech , Aug 31, 2004

Tax credits for the uninsured, reform for the medical system

Bush is working for tax credits of up to $1,000 for individuals, and $3,000 for families, to help the uninsured purchase their own health insurance. And as for small businesses, they’re burdened, often crushed, by health care costs. So, we want to help them band together to provide affordable health care for their employees and their families. The culprits are personal injury trial lawyers. We must stop them from twisting American medicine into a litigation lottery and every patient ends up paying.
Source: 2004 Republican Convention Speech , Aug 31, 2004

Bush is funding stem cell research at record levels

Scientists work on two basic types of stem cell research. One is adult - with cells taken, for example, from bone marrow or cartilage. Another uses cells taken from human embryos. Adult stem cell research has already led to cures. Contrary to the claims of some, embryonic stem cell research is still at a very early stage. Under Bush’s policy, the government is funding both types of stem cell research at record levels. And the private sector remains free to fund and pursue any type of stem cell research.
Source: 2004 Republican Convention Speech , Aug 31, 2004

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