Norman Mineta on Technology

Secretary of Transportation (Pres. Bush Cabinet)

Transportation is key to enabling economic growth

Norman Mineta became the 14th U.S. Secretary of Transportation on January 25, 2001. In nominating him, President Bush said, “Norm made a reputation in the halls of Congress as someone who understands that a sound infrastructure in America will lead to economic opportunity for all Americans.”

“Transportation is key to generating and enabling economic growth, determining the patterns of that growth, and determining the competitiveness of our businesses in the world economy,” said Secretary

Source: , Feb 3, 2001

Digital Inclusion fosters societal good and business profit

In the US, when we talk about Digital Inclusion, we chiefly mean our efforts to bridge the gap between individuals or groups - ethnic minorities, the elderly, people with disabilities, those who live in rural areas, and so forth - who are in danger of being excluded from the Information Age economy. In APEC, the term Digital Inclusion has a wider application. In addition to individual people, it also refers to the importance of making computer technology available across individual economies, so that all APEC members, advanced and developing alike, can reap the benefits of globalization and the New Economy. And here also, when we talk about the importance of fostering digital equality, we’re referring to the capability of businesses-especially small and medium-sized enterprises - to employ technological skills and resources they need to compete and more fully participate in the global economy. So Digital Inclusion not only advances the good of society, but the bottom line interests of business.
Source: Speech at APEC CEO Summit, Brunei , Nov 14, 2000

Close Digital Divide with public-private partnership

Source: Speech at APEC CEO Summit, Brunei , Nov 14, 2000

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