Jim Nicholson on Principles & Values

Secretary of Veterans Affairs

Long history of answering his country’s call

Jim Nicholson is a patriot, a man of deep conviction who has answered his country’s call many times. As a young man from Iowa, he became a cadet at West Point in the late 1950s, and went on to become an Army Ranger and paratrooper. As a Ranger, he fought in Vietnam, where he won multiple decorations for bravery in combat. After eight years on active duty, he joined the Army Reserves, where he served for 22 more years before retiring as a full colonel.
Source: Pres. Bush’s nomination speech for Nicholson , Dec 9, 2004

Served as Ambassador to Vatican, and chair of RNC

Jim & his wife Suzanne have given back generously to their community and have been leaders in numerous volunteer causes in their home state of Colorado. He was a respected chairman of the Republican National Committee. For the past 3 years he has served as the US Ambassador to the Vatican. Jim has worked with the Vatican to advance many vital foreign policy goals, including fighting poverty, hunger, AIDS, expanding religious liberty around the world, and ending the brutal practice of human trafficking.
Source: Pres. Bush’s nomination speech for Nicholson , Dec 9, 2004

Grew up ‘dirt poor’ and credits army with his success

At times like this, one tends to ponder their past. And when I think of growing up dirt poor in a tenant house without plumbing and sometimes without food, I marvel at America. The boy from Struble, Iowa may serve in the President’s Cabinet. How could this happen? For me, it is because of the opportunities that my country gave me as a cadet at West Point and as a soldier. These experiences have defined my life, shaped my abilities and my desire to serve.
Source: Speech accepting Pres. Bush’s nomination , Dec 9, 2004

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