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Sam Clovis: Don't trading spending cuts for entitlement reform

Clovis also showed he will stand up to members of his own party. He criticized Mitch McConnell more than once and did not hesitate to say he disagreed with popular Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley regarding trading spending cuts for entitlement reform.
Source: Kevin Hall in Iowa Republican on 2014 Iowa Senate debate Oct 24, 2013

Rick Santorum: No compromise on core principles; compromise on all else

Q: You would not negotiate on raising taxes? Not even as a 10-to-1 ratio of spending cuts to taxes?

A: Absolutely not, because it's not the problem. This is where leadership comes in. You know, you need to stand firm on these things. But you can't stan and say you give me everything I want or I'll vote no. You have to find the principles, like I did on welfare reform. I said three things--to end the federal entitlement, which we did. We wanted to require work, which we did. And we wanted to put a time limit on welfare. We did those 3 things. We compromised on everything else. I didn't get everything I wanted, but I got the core of what I wanted and we transformed welfare. You need leaders, you need people who are good at leadership, not showmanship. You go to the American public and you lay out the facts. [On the budget crisis], we need to get the economy growing. That doesn't mean taking more money out of it, that means creating energy jobs, creating manufacturing jobs. And my plan will do that.

Source: Iowa Straw Poll 2011 GOP debate in Ames Iowa Aug 11, 2011

Dennis Kucinich: Address poverty with full employment economy & social reform

Q: We live in a country today where Latino and Black household wealth--not income, but accumulated household wealth--is about 10% for the average black and brown family of what it is for the average white family. How did we get here and how do we get out of it?

A: In Cleveland we face a situation where there is a massive amount of foreclosures, rising unemployment about around particularly around African American households and some Latinos. Here is my plan first of all. A full employment economy. A Roosevelt type WPA program that puts everyone who is able to work back to work with a living wage. Second a not for profit health care system. Third, universal pre-kindergarten. Four, universal college education. So we need to make economic reform the fundamental driving force in this country and a president percentage stands for the principle of a rising tide lifts all boats not trickle down economics.

Source: 2007 Iowa Brown & Black Presidential Forum Dec 1, 2007

Hillary Clinton: Partner with faith based community in empowerment zones

Q: What leadership would you take to ensure that young people and Latino and Black communities not only have access to capital but to ensure that economic development is more inclusive of black and brown youth?

A: In New York City we have seen the transformation of Harlem from a combination of government action creating an empowerment zone, the private sector coming in to take advantage of that and an explosion of entrepreneurial dynamism. Weíve also seen the faith based community like Abyssinians & others that have been partners with it and of course weíve seen a lot of hip hop participants and leaders taking advantage of that. So we need this partnership. We need this partnership between the public and private sector and the not-for-profit and faith-based sector. And we need to make sure that young people have a particular stake in what we are going to present. Thatís what Iíve worked on in NYC and in upstate NY and I intend to put that to work when Iím president.

Source: 2007 Iowa Brown & Black Presidential Forum Dec 1, 2007

George W. Bush: ĎArmies of compassioní are next step of welfare reform

Government can spend money, but it canít put a sense of purpose in our lives. This is done by churches & synagogues & mosques & charities. [We should] rally these armies of compassion. As president, I will lift the regulations that hamper them. I will involve them in after-school programs, drug treatment, prison ministries. I will lay out specific incentives to encourage an outpouring of giving. Supporting these soldiers in the army of compassion is the next, bold step of welfare reform.
Source: Candidacy Announcement speech, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Jun 12, 1999

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