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Cam Cavasso: Government spending sucks oxygen out of the economy

America is the greatest example of free enterprise resulting in wealth creation and individual economic benefit in the history of the world. But today government spending is sucking the oxygen out of the economy. Until it is brought under control and dramatically reduced, the standard of living Americans have come to enjoy as a way of life will continue to diminish. No variety of "prosperity" has ever been built on debt. Until Americans discipline themselves and their government off this addiction and "live within our means", we will continue to struggle economically, ultimately losing our personal and national freedoms. I support an immediate cut in the payroll tax for all businesses accompanied by cuts in spending in government entitlement programs including slowing down the rates of growth in Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. I also support a balanced budget amendment to the federal constitution.
Source: 2014 Hawaii Senate campaign website, Dec 1, 2013

Benjamin Cayetano: More funding for tourism infrastructure

Tourism had a record year last year, and this year might be even better. One reason is our three-year old, state-of-the-art, $300 million Hawaii Convention Center. Another is the $60 million we give the Hawaii Tourism Authority to market Hawaii each year.

This year, we will focus on expanding our cruise line industry. Cruise lines are a very important part of Hawaii’s tourist industry. Therefore, we will submit a request for funding to improve docking and pier facilities.

Source: 2001 State of the State address to Hawaii Legislature Jan 22, 2001

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