Newt Gingrich in Speech at 2011 CPAC conference

On Energy & Oil: FactCheck: US has 110-year supply of gas, not 1,100 years

Gingrich vastly overstated the US natural gas supply: [Gingrich, Feb. 10]: "We now have technology that lets us go down as far as 8,000 feet, reach out as far as four miles horizontally. We can now produce commercially available natural gas from shale. We have an 1,100-year supply."

Shale gas is a form of natural gas. It's true that new drilling and fracturing techniques have made it possible to tap into shale resources that were previously considered not to be economically viable. As of 2009, shale gas made up 14% of the US natural gas supply. But the U.S. isn't currently sitting on a 1,100 year supply of shale gas--or natural gas in general, if that was Gingrich's meaning. The country's supply is actually about 10 times smaller than that: The US possesses 2,552 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) of potential natural gas resources, enough to supply approximately 110 years of use. Natural gas from shale resources accounts for 827 Tcf of this resource estimate.

Source: on 2011 Conservative Political Action Conf. Feb 15, 2011

On Energy & Oil: 2008 petition drive: Drill here, Drill now, Pay less

For the last thirty years we've had the worst possible national security policy in energy and it's time we've stopped it, and it's time we've passed an aggressively pro-American jobs, aggressively pro-American energy.

In 2008 when gasoline was at $4 a gallon, [my policy organization] American Solutions launched a petition drive: Drill here, Drill now, Pay less.

The Left couldn't survive in a world where we had the courage to say, "Why don't we find American oil and why don't we find American gas, and why don't we have the next building boom in the United States, not in Dubai. And why don't we make sure that the terrorists run out of money?" And that ought to be our approach to this, so let's do it now.

First of all: Reopen off of Louisiana. The people of Louisiana want it to happen. So let's reopen the areas off only those states that want to reopen them, but if a state wants to go and find oil and gas and wants to create more jobs in that state, let's let them do it now.

Source: Speech at 2011 Conservative Political Action Conference Feb 11, 2011

On Energy & Oil: New nuclear plants would reduce 2 billion tons of CO2 a year

I always say to my environmental friends, "If you really wanted to get carbon out of the atmosphere and if we produced as much electricity from nuclear power as France, you would take 2 billion tons of carbon dioxide a year out of the atmosphere." And they'd say "Well, that's not the right solution." Because there's never a right solution if it's a solution because then our economy would grow, free enterprise would work, and that would be wrong.

There are two things about nuclear power. One, we should dramatically go through and streamline the regulatory process for the big plants, but two, there's a whole new generation of very small nuclear power plants, that are very, very safe, that should not come under the certain kind of regulatory design for a huge, giant multi-million dollar plant. And we could go to a much more effective nuclear power, very fast and have a very big job creation technology.

Source: Speech at 2011 Conservative Political Action Conference Feb 11, 2011

On Environment: Replace EPA with new Environmental Solutions Agency

I don't think the EPA bureaucrats, who are dedicated to a Washington centered, top down, bureaucratic control by litigation and regulation, are going learn a new dance, a new approach, and a new model. This is double true because Obama wants to use EPA to control carbon, so he can control all of the non-health economy.

Now a new Environmental Solutions Agency, I believe, would do a better job of both protecting the environment and the economy. The principles are straightforward, localism when possible. I believe that incentives, innovators, and entrepreneurs will solve environmental problems, and improve the environment better than the bureaucrats, regulators and litigators.

The new Environmental Solutions Agency should see communities, states, and industries as partners, not adversaries in solving problems when one approaches. The Environmental Solutions Agency should look for new science, new technologies, and new approaches to get more energy, more jobs, and a better environment simultaneously.

Source: Speech at 2011 Conservative Political Action Conference Feb 11, 2011

On Health Care: Repeal ObamaCare; sign tort reform instead

    President Obama could be bipartisan. There are seven steps to the center for Obama.
  1. Sign the repeal of ObamaCare. 58% of the American people, in the most recent poll, favor repeal of ObamaCare.
  2. Sign Tort reform for doctors. He said the other night he would like to do it, let's let him do it.
  3. Sign the permanent repeal of the death tax.
  4. Sign a new Hyde Amendment, so no tax payer money funds abortion in the United States.
  5. Sign a new Conservative Budget Act, to control spending and move to a balanced budget.
  6. Sign a law to decisively control the border now.
  7. Sign a tenth amendment implementation act returning power from Washington to the states and to the people thereof. And that act should include--to prove how real it is-- block-granting Medicaid so that states can control the cost and improve the quality without interference from Washington bureaucrats.
Now, I hope you'd agree with me that a President Obama that did those seven things would have come to the center.
Source: Speech at 2011 Conservative Political Action Conference Feb 11, 2011

On Jobs: Number one job today is to create jobs

The number one job today is to create jobs. America only works when American's are working. And nothing would do more to balance the budget than to go from 9.2 percent back down to 4 percent unemployment, taking 5 percent of people off of unemployment, off of food stamps, off of Medicaid, put them back with a job, paying taxes, giving their family a future.

And I'll be candid. We did not need a deficit commission. We needed a jobs commission who talked with people who only create jobs. I am sick and tired of Congressional hearings, where people who have never created a job show up to explain what their theory is of doing something they have never done.

I am going to outline two large strategies that will move us towards job creation: an American Energy Plan and an Environmental Solutions Agency to replace the Environmental Protection Agency.

Source: Speech at 2011 Conservative Political Action Conference Feb 11, 2011

On Government Reform: GOP wins election and then loses the government

We need to declare our independence from trying to protect and defend failed bureaucracies that magically become ours as soon as we are in charge of them. We appoint solid conservatives to a department and within three weeks they are defending and protecting the very department that they would have been attacking before they got appointed.

I think that there are two grave lessons for the conservative movement since 1980. The first, which we still haven't come to grips with, is that governing

Source: Speech at 2011 Conservative Political Action Conference Feb 9, 2008

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