Mike Lee in 2010 Utah Senate Debates

On Homeland Security: Keep "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" for troop morale

The military's policy is a lumbering dinosaur being kept alive by Senate members who support Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Sadly, two of those dinosaurs are Utah Senate hopefuls, Scott Bradley and Mike Lee. During a recent debate with Democratic candidate Sam Granato, Lee said that his campaign's "panel of military advisors" said DADT was necessary for troop morale. Who these advisors are or why they think homophobia makes the military run smoother is anyone's guess.
Source: Q-Salt-Lake (GLBT news) coverage of 2010 Utah Senate debate Sep 30, 2010

On Government Reform: Reclaim right to constitutionally limited government

Granato charged that Lee is too extreme for Utah as a darling of the tea party. But Lee said most Utahns cheer his push to return to constitutionally limited government."Utahns have a real opportunity this year to either elect a mainstream candidate or an extreme candidate," Granato said.

Lee said that his views match Utahns who "are reclaiming their right to constitutionally limited government. We have to focus on limiting the size, scope, reach and power of the federal government."

Source: Salt Lake Tribune coverage of 2010 Utah Senate debate Sep 17, 2010

On Immigration: Enforce job laws and illegal immigrants will go home

On the immigration front, Bradley endorsed rounding up all immigrants here illegally and sending them home. Lee opposed that, but called for tougher enforcement of immigration laws to pressure them to go home.

"If we enforce laws more faithfully," Lee said, "jobs will dry up and they will go home."

Granato called for compassion and development of comprehensive immigration reform. "I do not believe in ripping families apart," he said. "We need to have compassion as we fix this."

Lee and Bradley also opposed the DREAM Act, which would allow children brought to America by undocumented immigrant parents to qualify for legal residency if they attend and complete college. "I don't believe we should be offering any benefit to people who come here in violation of our laws," Lee said.

Granato countered that the legislation would help children who have known no country except the United States. "I am fully in favor of the DREAM Act," he said.

Source: Salt Lake Tribune coverage of 2010 Utah Senate debate Sep 17, 2010

On Social Security: Raise the retirement age to save Social Security

Granato and Lee disagreed about how to handle illegal immigration, gays in the military, radioactive waste disposal in Utah and how to save Social Security.

On Social Security, Lee said Americans must raise the retirement age to save it. Granato said Social Security must be protected, but without that step.

Source: Salt Lake Tribune coverage of 2010 Utah Senate debate Sep 17, 2010

The above quotations are from 2010 Utah Senate Debates.
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