EPA regulations are too restrictive


This question is looking for your views on environmentalism both under economic terms and " under the 5th Amendment.  However you answer the above question would be similar to your response to these statements:

How do you decide between "Support" and "Strongly Support" when you agree with both the descriptions above? (Or between "Oppose" and "Strongly Oppose"). The strong positions are generally based on matters of PRINCIPLES where the regular support and oppose positions are based on PRACTICAL matters. If you answer "No Opinion," this question is not counted in the VoteMatch answers for any candidate. If you give a general answer of Support vs. Oppose, VoteMatch can more accurately match a candidate with your stand. Don't worry so much about getting the strength of your answer exactly refined, or to think too hard about the exact wording of the question -- like candidates!


    Federal Lands
    The federal government owns 27% of all US land (more than the combined area of Alaska, Texas, & California).
  1. BLM: The Bureau of Land Management owns 270 million acres of cattle grazing land.
  2. USFS: The US Forest Service owns 185 million acres of timber land.
  3. FWS: The Fish & Wildlife Service owns 90 million acres of waterways and surrounding lands.
  4. NPS: The National Park Service owns 75 million acres of national parks and national rivers.
  5. States: State and local governments own 200 million acres of land (another 9% of total US land area).
Amendment V to the US Constitution
...nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation.(1791)


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