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    This page contains group ratings from independent policy groups. Each group determines their own rating system.

03n-CC on Dec 31, 2003

Political Group Ratings: by the Christian Coalition on family issues
Source: CC website
The Christian Coalition was founded in 1989 by Dr. Pat Robertson to give Christians a voice in government. We represent millions of people of faith and enable them to have a strong, unified voice in the conversation we call democracy.
    Our Five-Fold Mission:
  1. Represent the pro-family point of view before local councils, school boards, state legislatures, and Congress
  2. Speak out in the public arena and in the media
  3. Train leaders for effective social and political action
  4. Inform pro-family voters about timely issues and legislation
  5. Protest anti-Christian bigotry and defend the rights of people of faith.
Our ratings are based on the votes the organization considered most important; the numbers reflect the percentage of time the representative voted the organization's preferred position.

    Participating counts on VoteMatch question 4. Question 4: Keep God in the public sphere Scores: -2=Strongly oppose; -1=Oppose; 0=neutral; 1=Support; 2=Strongly support.
  • Topic: Families & Children
  • Headline: by the Christian Coalition: a pro-Family-Value voting record (Score: 2)
  • Headline 2: by the Christian Coalition: mixed voting record on Family Values (Score: 0)
  • Headline 3: by the Christian Coalition: an anti-Family-Value voting record (Score: -2)

  • Key for participation codes:
  • Sponsorships: p=sponsored; o=co-sponsored; s=signed
  • Memberships: c=chair; m=member; e=endorsed; f=profiled; s=scored
  • Resolutions: i=introduced; w=wrote; a=adopted
  • Cases: w=wrote; j=joined; d=dissented; c=concurred
  • Surveys: '+' supports; '-' opposes.

Democrats participating in 03n-CC

Neil Abercrombie s3n7%Hawaii Democrat (Resigned 2010) 
Gary Ackerman s3n9%New York Dem./Ind./Lib. (Retiring 2012) 
Daniel Akaka s3n0%HI Democratic Jr Senator (Retiring) 
Tom Allen s3n15%Maine Democrat (Retiring 2008) 
Rob Andrews s3n7%New Jersey Democrat (resigned 2014) 
Joe Baca s3n16%California Democratic Challenger 
Jan Backus s3n0%Vermont Democratic Challenger 
Brian Baird s3n7%Washington Democrat (until 2010) 
Tammy Baldwin s3n7%WI Democratic Challenger 
Max Baucus s3n0%MT Democratic Sr Senator (retiring 2014) 
Evan Bayh s3n33%IN Former Democratic Senator 
Xavier Becerra s3n8%California Democrat 
Chris Bell s3n8%Texas Democrat 
Shelley Berkley s3n10%Nevada Democrat (Senate run 2012) 
Howard Berman s3n7%California Democrat 
Marion Berry s2n53%Arkansas Former Democrat (until 2010) 
Jeff Bingaman s3n0%NM Democratic Sr Senator (Retiring) 
Sanford Bishop s2n46%Georgia Democrat 
Timothy Bishop s3n16%New York Democrat 
Earl Blumenauer s3n8%Oregon Democrat 
Leonard Boswell s2n38%Iowa Democrat 
Rick Boucher s3n15%Virginia Democrat (until 2010) 
Barbara Boxer s3n0%CA Democratic Jr Senator (retiring 2016) 
Allen Boyd s2n50%Florida Former Democrat (until 2010) 
Robert Brady s3n23%Pennsylvania Democrat 
John Breaux s2n50%LA Former Democratic incumbent; retired 2004 
Corrine Brown s3n25%Florida Democrat 
Kate Brown s3n16%OR Democratic GovernorDec 31, 1999
Oregon Christian Coalition
Sherrod Brown s3n23%OH Democratic Sr Senator 
Robert Byrd s3n20%WV Former Democratic Senator 
Maria Cantwell s3n0%WA Democratic Jr Senator 
Lois Capps s3n7%California Democrat (retiring 2016) 
Michael Capuano s3n7%MA Former Democratic Primary Senate Challenger (2009) 
Benjamin Cardin s3n23%Maryland Democrat 
Dennis Cardoza s3n25%California Democrat (Retiring 2012) 
Tom Carper s3n16%DE Democratic Sr Senator 
Julia Carson s3n25%Indiana Former Dem. (Deceased 2008) 
Ed Case s3n8%Hawaii Democrat 
William Lacy Clay s3n7%Missouri Democrat 
Hillary Clinton s3n0%NY Former Democratic Senator (NY); now Secretary of State 
James Clyburn s3n8%South Carolina Democrat 
Kent Conrad s3n16%ND Democrat Sr Senator (Retiring) 
John Conyers s3n8%Michigan Democrat 
Jim Cooper s3n25%Tennessee Democrat 
Roy Cooper s3n27%NC Democratic 2016 Gubernatorial candidateDec 31, 1999
Christian Coalition of North Carolina
Jon Corzine s3n0%NJ Former Democrat (until 2009) 
Jerry Costello s2n61%Illinois Democrat (Retiring 2012) 
Bud Cramer s2n58%Alabama Democrat (Retired 2008) 
Joseph Crowley s3n23%New York Democrat 
Elijah Cummings s3n16%Maryland Democrat 
Tom Daschle s3n16%SD Former Democratic Senator 
Artur Davis s3n33%Alabama Former Democrat (until 2010) 
Danny Davis s3n15%Illinois Democrat 
Jim Davis s3n15%Florida Democrat 
Lincoln Davis s1n72%Tennessee Democrat (until 2010) 
Susan Davis s3n7%California Democrat 
Mark Dayton s3n0%MN Democratic Governor 
Peter Defazio s3n16%Oregon Democrat 
Diana DeGette s3n15%Colorado Democrat 
Bill Delahunt s3n7%Massachusetts Democrat (until 2010) 
Rosa DeLauro s3n15%Connecticut Democrat 
Peter Deutsch s3n23%FL Former Democratic Senate challenger (2004); US Rep. 
Norm Dicks s3n0%Washington Democrat (Retiring 2012) 
John Dingell s2n38%Michigan Democrat (retiring 2014) 
Chris Dodd s3n0%CT Democratic Sr Senator (retiring 2010) 
Lloyd Doggett s3n15%Texas Democrat 
Cal Dooley s3n7%California Democrat (Until 2004) 
Byron Dorgan s3n16%ND Democratic Jr Senator (retiring 2010) 
Mike Doyle s2n53%Pennsylvania Democrat 
Richard Durbin s3n0%IL Democratic Sr Senator 
Chet Edwards s3n23%Texas Former Democrat (until 2010) 
John Edwards s3n0%NC Former Democrat Senator; retired to run for President, 2004 
Rahm Emanuel s3n8%Illinois Former Democrat (until 2009) 
Eliot Engel s3n15%New York Democrat/Liberal 
Anna Eshoo s3n10%California Democrat 
Bob Etheridge s3n30%North Carolina Democrat (Unseated 2010) 
Lane Evans s3n7%Illinois Democrat 
Sam Farr s3n7%California Democrat 
Chaka Fattah s3n23%Pennsylvania Democrat 
Russell Feingold s3n0%POTUS Democrat 
Dianne Feinstein s3n0%CA Democratic Sr Senator 
Bob Filner s3n15%California Democrat (Mayoral run 2011) 
Barney Frank s3n7%Massachusetts Democrat (Retiring 2012) 
Martin Frost s3n8%Texas Democrat (Until 2004) 
Dick Gephardt s3n0%Missouri Democrat (Until 2004) 
Charles Gonzalez s3n7%Texas Democrat (Retiring 2012) 
Bart Gordon s2n46%Tennessee Democrat (until 2010) 
Bob Graham s3n0%FL Former Democratic Senator; retired 2004 
Gene Green s3n30%Texas Democrat 
Raul Grijalva s3n0%Arizona Democrat 
Luis Gutierrez s3n8%Illinois Democrat 
Ralph Moody Hall s1n92%Texas Democrat until 2004; now GOP 
Tom Harkin s3n0%IA Democratic Jr Senator (retiring 2014) 
Jane Harman s3n16%California Democrat (Resigned 2011) 
Alcee Hastings s3n7%Florida Democrat 
Baron Hill s2n53%IN Democratic Senate candidate 
Maurice Hinchey s3n7%New York Dem/Working-Fam.(Retired 2012) 
Ruben Hinojosa s3n25%Texas Democrat 
Tim Holden s1n69%Pennsylvania Democrat (Lost 2012 Primary) 
Fritz Hollings s3n16%SC Former Democratic Sr Senator; retired 2004 
Rush Holt s3n7%New Jersey Democrat (retiring 2014) 
Mike Honda s3n8%California Democrat 
Darlene Hooley s3n25%Oregon Democrat (Retiring 2008) 
Steny Hoyer s3n15%Maryland Democrat 
Daniel Inouye s3n0%HI Democratic Sr Senator 
Jay Inslee s3n15%WA Democratic Governor 
Steve Israel s3n23%New York Democrat 
Jesse Louis Jackson s3n15%Illinois Democrat (Resigned 2013) 
Sheila Jackson Lee s3n7%Texas Democrat 
William Jefferson s3n33%Louisiana Democrat 
Eddie Bernice Johnson s3n7%Texas Democrat 
Tim Johnson s3n16%SD Democratic Sr Senator (retiring 2014) 
Stephanie Tubbs Jones s3n8%Ohio Former Dem. (Deceased, 2008) 
Paul Kanjorski s2n46%Pennsylvania Democrat (until 2010) 
Marcy Kaptur s2n38%Ohio Democrat 
Patrick Kennedy s3n15%Rhode Island Democrat (until 2010) 
Ted Kennedy s3n0%MA Democratic Senator (until 2009) 
John Kerry s3n0%MA Democratic Sr Senator 
Dale Kildee s2n46%Michigan Democrat (Retiring 2012) 
Carolyn Kilpatrick s3n7%Michigan Democrat (until 2010) 
Ron Kind s3n0%WI Former Democratic challenger (2012) 
Jerry Kleczka s3n23%Wisconsin Democrat (Until 2004) 
Herbert Kohl s3n0%WI Democratic Sr Senator (Retiring) 
Dennis Kucinich s3n25%Ohio Democrat (Lost 2012 Primary) 
Nicholas Lampson s3n23%Texas Democrat (Unseated 2008) 
Mary Landrieu s3n16%LA Democratic Sr Senator 
James Langevin s2n46%Rhode Island Democrat 
Tom Lantos s3n9%California Former Democrat (until 2008) 
Rick Larsen s3n15%Washington Democrat 
John Larson s3n9%Connecticut Democrat 
Frank Lautenberg s3n0%NJ Democratic Sr Senator (retiring 2014) 
Patrick Leahy s3n16%VT Democratic Sr Senator 
Barbara Lee s3n7%California Democrat 
Carl Levin s3n0%MI Democratic Sr Senator (retiring 2014) 
Sander Levin s3n15%Michigan Democrat 
John Lewis s3n7%Georgia Democrat 
Blanche Lambert Lincoln s3n16%AR Former Democratic Senator 
William Lipinski s1n75%Illinois Democrat (Until 2004) 
Zoe Lofgren s3n8%California Democrat 
Nita Lowey s3n23%New York Democrat 
Ken Lucas s1n84%Kentucky Democrat (Until 2004) 
Steve Lynch s2n46%Massachusetts Democrat (Senate run 2013) 
Carolyn Maloney s3n7%New York Democrat/Liberal 
Ed Markey s3n7%MA Democratic Challenger 
Jim Marshall s1n75%Georgia Former Democrat (until 2010) 
Jim Matheson s2n61%Utah Democrat (retiring 2014) 
Robert Matsui s3n7%California Former Democrat (deceased) 
Carolyn McCarthy s3n16%New York Dem. (retiring 2014) 
Karen McCarthy s3n18%Missouri Democrat (Until 2004) 
Betty McCollum s3n7%Minnesota Democrat 
Jim McDermott s3n7%Washington Democrat 
Jim McGovern s3n7%Massachusetts Democrat 
Mike McIntyre s1n75%North Carolina Democrat (retiring 2014) 
Michael McNulty s2n46%New York Dem./Cons. (Retiring 2008) 
Marty Meehan s3n7%Massachusetts Democrat (Retired 2007) 
Gregory Meeks s3n7%New York Dem./Working-Families 
Robert Menendez s3n15%New Jersey Democrat 
Michael Michaud s3n33%Maine Democratic Governor Challenger 
Barbara Mikulski s3n0%MD Democratic Sr Senator (Retiring 2016) 
Juanita Millender-McDonald s3n20%California Democrat 
Brad Miller s3n15%North Carolina Democrat (Retiring 2012) 
George Miller s3n7%California Democrat (retiring 2014) 
Zell Miller s1n100%GA Former Democratic Senator; retired 2004 
Alan Mollohan s2n61%West Virginia Democrat 
Dennis Moore s3n30%Kansas Democrat (until 2010) 
James Moran s3n7%Virginia Democrat (retiring 2014) 
Patty Murray s3n0%WA Democratic Sr Senator 
John Murtha s2n53%Pennsylvania Democrat (Deceased Feb. 2010) 
Jerrold Nadler s3n15%New York Dem./Lib./Working-Families 
Grace Napolitano s3n15%California Democrat 
Richard Neal s3n15%Massachusetts Democrat 
Ben Nelson s1n83%NE Democratic Sr Senator (Retiring) 
Bill Nelson s3n16%FL Democratic Sr Senator 
James Oberstar s3n33%Minnesota Dem./Farmer/Labor (until 2010) 
David Obey s3n27%Wisconsin Democrat (until 2010) 
John Olver s3n7%Massachusetts Democrat (Retiring 2012) 
Solomon Ortiz s2n54%Texas Democrat (Unseated 2010) 
Major Owens s3n18%New York Democrat (until 2007) 
Frank Pallone s3n15%New Jersey Democrat 
Bill Pascrell s2n38%New Jersey Democrat 
Ed Pastor s3n16%Arizona Democrat (retiring 2014) 
David Paterson s2n55%NY Former Democratic Governor (2008-2010) 
Donald Payne s3n9%New Jersey Former Democrat(Deceased 2012) 
Nancy Pelosi s3n8%California Democrat 
Collin Peterson s2n58%Minnesota Democrat/Farmer/Labor 
Earl Pomeroy s3n25%North Dakota Democrat (until 2010)Dec 31, 2002
David Eugene Price s3n15%North Carolina Democrat 
Mark Pryor s3n16%AR Democratic Sr Senator 
Nick Rahall s2n61%West Virginia Democrat 
Charles Rangel s3n8%New York Dem./Lib. (retiring 2016) 
Jack Reed s3n0%RI Democratic Sr Senator 
Harry Reid s3n16%NV Democratic Sr Senator (Retiring 2016) 
Silvestre Reyes s3n30%Texas Democrat 
John Rockefeller s3n0%WV Democratic Sr Senator (retiring 2014) 
Ciro Rodriguez s3n23%Texas Democrat (until 2010) 
Mike Ross s2n53%AR Democratic Gubernatorial Challenger 
Steven Rothman s3n8%New Jersey Democrat 
Lucille Roybal-Allard s3n7%California Democrat 
Dutch Ruppersberger s3n33%Maryland Democrat 
Bobby Rush s3n15%Illinois Democrat 
Tim Ryan s3n25%Ohio Democrat 
Martin Sabo s3n15%Minnesota Democrat/Farmer/Labor 
Linda Sanchez s3n0%California Democrat 
Loretta Sanchez s3n9%CA Democratic Senate candidate 
Bernie Sanders s3n7%POTUS Democratic Presidential candidate 
Max Sandlin s2n50%Texas Democrat (Until 2004) 
Paul Sarbanes s3n0%MD Former Democrat Senator (Retired 2006) 
Jan Schakowsky s3n7%Illinois Democrat 
Adam Schiff s3n23%California Democrat 
Charles Schumer s3n0%NY Democratic Sr Senator 
Bobby Scott s3n8%Virginia Democrat 
David Scott s3n33%Georgia Democrat 
Jose Serrano s3n18%New York Democrat/Liberal 
Carol Shea-Porter s3n10%New Hampshire DemocratDec 31, 2008
Positions 2007-08
Brad Sherman s3n15%California Democrat 
Ike Skelton s2n61%Missouri Democrat (until 2010) 
Louise Slaughter s3n16%New York Democrat 
David Adam Smith s3n10%Washington Democrat 
Vic Snyder s3n8%Arkansas Former Democrat (until 2010) 
Hilda Solis s3n7%CA Democratic Gubernatorial Challenger 
Arlen Specter s1n81%PA Former Democratic incumbent (elected as Republican) 
John Spratt s3n23%South Carolina Democrat (until 2010) 
Debbie Stabenow s3n0%MI Democratic Jr Senator 
Pete Stark s3n7%California Democrat 
Charles Stenholm s2n61%Texas Democrat 
Ted Strickland s3n23%OH Democratic Senate candidate 
Bart Stupak s2n53%Michigan Democrat (until 2010) 
John Tanner s2n46%Tennessee Democrat (until 2010) 
Ellen Tauscher s3n0%California Former Democrat (until 2009) 
Gene Taylor s1n76%Mississippi Democratic Challenger 
Bennie Thompson s3n7%Mississippi Democrat 
Mike Thompson s3n7%California Democrat 
John Tierney s3n9%Massachusetts Democrat 
Ed Towns s3n8%New York Democrat/Liberal (Retiring) 
Jim Turner s2n53%Texas Democrat (Until 2004) 
Mark Udall s3n16%CO Democratic Sr Senator; previously Representative 
Tom Udall s3n15%New Mexico Democrat (Senate 2008) 
Chris Van Hollen s3n8%Maryland Democrat (retiring 2016) 
Nydia Velazquez s3n8%New York Democrat/Working-Families 
Peter Visclosky s3n30%Indiana Democrat 
Maxine Waters s3n16%California Democrat 
Diane Watson s3n7%California Former Democrat (until 2010) 
Mel Watt s3n7%North Carolina Democrat (appointed to FHFA) 
Henry Waxman s3n15%California Democrat (retiring 2014) 
Anthony Weiner s3n8%New York Former Democrat(Resigned 2011) 
Robert Wexler s3n15%Florida Democrat (resigned Jan. 2010) 
Lynn Woolsey s3n8%California Democrat (Retiring 2012) 
David Wu s3n23%Oregon Democrat (Resigned 2011) 
Ron Wyden s3n0%OR Democratic Sr Senator 
Albert Wynn s2n38%Maryland Democrat (Unseated 2008) 

Republicans participating in 03n-CC

Robert Aderholt s1n100%Alabama Republican 
Todd Akin s1n100%Missouri Republican (Senate run 2012) 
Lamar Alexander s1n100%TN Republican Sr Senator 
Rodney Alexander s1n76%Louisiana Republican (resigned 2014) 
Wayne Allard s1n100%CO Former Republican Senator (retired 2008) 
George Allen s1n100%POTUS Republican 
Spencer Bachus s1n92%Alabama Republican (retiring 2014) 
Richard Hugh Baker s1n92%Louisiana Republican (Resigned 2008) 
Cass Ballenger s1n100%North Carolina Republican 
Gresham Barrett s1n100%South Carolina Republican (until 2010) 
Roscoe Bartlett s1n100%Maryland Republican 
Joe Linus Barton s1n91%Texas Republican 
Charlie Bass s1n69%New Hampshire Republican (Retired 2012) 
Bob Beauprez s1n100%CO Republican Gubernatorial Challenger 
Robert Bennett s1n100%UT Former Republican Senator 
Doug Bereuter s1n76%Nebraska Republican (Until 2004) 
Judy Biggert s2n61%Illinois Republican 
Michael Bilirakis s1n100%Florida Republican (Retired 2006) 
Rob Bishop s1n90%Utah Republican 
Marsha Blackburn s1n100%Tennessee Republican 
Roy Blunt s1n92%Missouri Republican (until 2010) 
Sherry Boehlert s2n53%New York Republican/Independence 
John Boehner s1n91%Ohio Republican 
Kit Bond s1n100%MO Republican Sr Senator (retiring 2010) 
Henry Bonilla s1n76%Texas Republican 
Jo Bonner s1n100%Alabama Republican (Resigned 2013) 
Mary Bono s1n84%California Republican 
John Boozman s1n100%AR Republican Jr Senator 
Jeb Bradley s1n83%New Hampshire Republican 
Kevin Brady s1n92%Texas Republican 
Henry Brown s1n92%South Carolina Republican (until 2010) 
Sam Brownback s1n100%KS Republican Governor 
Jim Bunning s1n100%KY Republican Jr Senator (retiring 2010) 
Michael Burgess s1n100%Texas Republican 
Conrad Burns s1n100%MT Former Republican Senator (MT, 1989-2007) 
Max Burns s1n100%Georgia Republican (Until 2004) 
Richard Burr s1n84%NC Republican Sr Senator; previously Representative 
Dan Burton s1n100%Indiana Republican (Retiring 2012) 
Steve Buyer s1n90%Indiana Republican (until 2010) 
Ken Calvert s1n92%California Republican 
Dave Camp s1n92%Michigan Republican (Retiring 2014) 
Ben Nighthorse Campbell s1n83%CO Former Republican incumbent; retired 2004 
Chris Cannon s1n84%Utah Republican 
Eric Cantor s1n92%Virginia Republican 
Shelley Moore Capito s1n84%West Virginia Republican (Senate run 2014) 
John Carter s1n92%Texas Republican 
Steve Chabot s1n92%Ohio Republican 
Lincoln Chafee s2n50%RI Former Republican Senator (Lost re-election, 2006) 
Saxby Chambliss s1n100%GA Republican Sr Senator (retiring 2014) 
Chris Chocola s1n92%Indiana Republican 
John Howard Coble s1n91%North Carolina Republican (retiring 2014) 
Thad Cochran s1n100%MS Republican Sr Senator 
Tom Cole s1n100%Oklahoma Republican 
Norm Coleman s1n100%MN Former Republican Senator; lost court battle, 2009 
Susan Collins s2n66%ME Republican Sr Senator 
John Cornyn s1n100%TX Republican Sr Senator 
Christopher Cox s1n92%California Republican 
Larry Craig s1n100%ID Former Republican Senator (until 2008) 
Philip Crane s1n92%Illinois Republican (Until 2004) 
Michael Crapo s1n100%ID Republican Sr Senator 
Ander Crenshaw s1n84%Florida Republican 
Barbara Cubin s1n100%Wyoming Republican (Retiring 2008) 
John Culberson s1n92%Texas Republican 
Duke Cunningham s1n100%California Republican 
Jo Ann Davis s1n100%Virginia Republican 
Tom Davis s2n66%Virginia Republican (Retiring 2008) 
Nathan Deal s1n92%GA Republican Governor 
Tom DeLay s1n92%Texas Republican 
Jim DeMint s1n100%SC Republican Jr Senator; previously Representative 
Mike DeWine s1n100%OH Former Republican Senator (lost re-election, 2006) 
Mario Diaz-Balart s1n100%Florida Republican 
Pete Domenici s1n100%NM Former Republican Senator (retired 2008) 
John Doolittle s1n100%California Republican (Retiring 2008) 
David Dreier s2n66%California Republican (Retiring 2012) 
Jimmy Duncan s1n84%Tennessee Republican 
Jennifer Dunn s1n84%Washington Republican (Until 2004) 
Vernon Ehlers s1n84%Michigan Republican (until 2010) 
Jo Ann Emerson s1n90%Missouri Republican (Resigned 2013) 
Phil English s1n84%Pennsylvania Republican (Unseated 2008) 
John Ensign s1n100%NV Republican Jr Senator 
Michael Enzi s1n100%WY Republican Sr Senator 
Terry Everett s1n100%Alabama Republican (Retiring 2008) 
Mike Ferguson s1n100%New Jersey Republican (Retiring 2008) 
Peter Fitzgerald s1n100%IL Former Republican incumbent; retired 2004 
Jeff Flake s1n92%Arizona Republican (Senate run 2012) 
Mark Foley s1n84%Florida Republican 
Randy Forbes s1n100%Virginia Republican 
Vito Fossella s1n81%New York Rep./Cons. challenger 
Trent Franks s1n100%Arizona Republican 
Rodney Frelinghuysen s1n69%New Jersey Republican 
Bill Frist s1n100%POTUS Republican 
Elton Gallegly s1n83%California Republican (Retiring 2012) 
Scott Garrett s1n100%New Jersey Republican 
Jim Gerlach s1n83%Pennsylvania Republican (retiring 2014) 
Jim Gibbons s1n90%Nevada Republican 
Wayne Gilchrest s2n53%Maryland Republican (Unseated 2008) 
Paul Gillmor s1n84%Ohio Republican (Deceased 2007) 
Phil Gingrey s1n100%GA Republican Challenger 
Bob Goodlatte s1n100%Virginia Republican 
Porter Goss s1n91%Florida Republican (Until 2004) 
Lindsey Graham s1n100%SC Republican Sr Senator 
Kay Granger s1n84%Texas Republican 
Chuck Grassley s1n100%IA Republican Sr Senator 
Samuel Graves s1n91%Missouri Republican 
Mark Green s1n92%Wisconsin Republican 
Jim Greenwood s2n58%Pennsylvania Republican (Until 2004) 
Judd Gregg s1n100%NH Republican Sr Senator (retiring 2010) 
Gil Gutknecht s1n100%Minnesota Republican 
Chuck Hagel s1n100%NE Former Republican Senator (retired 2008) 
Katherine Harris s1n100%FL Republican challenger (2006); Former US Representative 
Melissa Hart s1n92%Pennsylvania Republican 
Denny Hastert s1n92%Illinois Republican (Retired 2007) 
Doc Hastings s1n92%Washington Republican (retiring 2014) 
Orrin Hatch s1n100%UT Republican Sr Senator 
Robin Hayes s1n100%North Carolina Republican (Unseated 2008) 
J.D. Hayworth s1n91%Arizona Republican (until 2007) 
Joel Hefley s1n92%Colorado Republican 
Jeb Hensarling s1n91%Texas Republican 
Wally Herger s1n92%California Republican (Retiring 2012) 
Dave Hobson s1n76%Ohio Republican (Retiring 2008) 
Peter Hoekstra s1n100%MI Republican Challenger 
Amo Houghton s2n54%New York Republican/Conservative 
Kenny Hulshof s1n92%Missouri Republican (Governor 2008) 
Duncan Hunter s1n100%California Republican (Retiring 2008) 
Kay Bailey Hutchison s1n100%TX Republican Sr Senator (Retiring) 
Henry Hyde s1n91%Illinois Republican 
James Inhofe s1n100%OK Republican Sr Senator 
Johnny Isakson s1n92%GA Republican Jr Senator; previously Representative 
Ernest Istook s1n92%Oklahoma Republican 
Bill Jenkins s1n92%Tennessee Republican (Retired 2006) 
Nancy Lee Johnson s2n41%Connecticut Republican 
Sam Johnson s1n100%Texas Republican 
Timothy Johnson s1n84%Illinois Republican (Retiring 2012) 
Walter Beaman Jones s1n100%North Carolina Republican 
Ric Keller s1n91%Florida Republican (Unseated 2008) 
Sue Kelly s1n69%New York Republican (until 2007) 
Mark Kennedy s1n100%Minnesota Republican (until 2006) 
Peter King s1n76%New York Rep./Ind./Cons./Right-To-Life 
Steve King s1n100%Iowa Republican 
Jack Kingston s1n92%GA Republican Challenger 
Mark Kirk s1n69%IL Republican Jr Senator 
John Kline s1n92%Minnesota Republican 
Joe Knollenberg s1n84%Michigan Republican (Unseated 2008) 
Jim Kolbe s2n46%Arizona Republican 
Jon Kyl s1n100%AZ Republican Jr Senator (Retiring) 
Ray LaHood s1n92%Illinois Republican (Retiring 2008) 
Tom Latham s1n92%Iowa Republican (retiring 2014) 
Steven LaTourette s1n84%Ohio Republican 
Jim Leach s2n38%Iowa Republican 
Jerry Lewis s1n76%California Republican (Retiring 2012) 
Ron Lewis s1n100%Kentucky Republican (Retiring 2008) 
Frank LoBiondo s1n92%New Jersey Republican 
Trent Lott s1n100%MS Former Republican Senator (MS, 1989-2007) 
Frank Dean Lucas s1n92%Oklahoma Republican 
Richard Lugar s1n100%IN Republican Sr Senator 
Donald Manzullo s1n100%Illinois Republican (Lost 2012 Primary) 
John McCain s1n83%AZ Republican Sr Senator 
Mitch McConnell s1n100%KY Republican Sr Senator 
Thad McCotter s1n100%Michigan Republican 
Jim McCrery s1n81%Louisiana Republican (Retiring 2008) 
John McHugh s1n91%New York Republican/Conservative 
Scott McInnis s1n91%Colorado Republican (Until 2004) 
Buck McKeon s1n92%California Republican (retiring 2014) 
John Mica s1n100%Florida Republican 
Candice Miller s1n90%Michigan Republican (retiring 2016) 
Gary Miller s1n100%California Republican (retiring 2014) 
Jeff Miller s1n100%Florida Republican 
Jerry Moran s1n100%Kansas Republican (until 2010) 
Lisa Murkowski s1n83%AK Republican Sr Senator 
Tim Murphy s1n100%Pennsylvania Republican 
Marilyn Musgrave s1n100%Colorado Republican (Unseated 2008) 
Sue Myrick s1n92%North Carolina Republican (Retiring 2012) 
Randy Neugebauer s1n100%Texas Republican 
Bob Ney s1n83%Ohio Republican 
Don Nickles s1n100%OK Former Republican incumbent; retired 2004 
Anne Meagher Northup s1n92%Kentucky Republican 
Charlie Norwood s1n100%Georgia Republican 
Devin Nunes s1n100%California Republican 
Jim Nussle s1n92%Iowa Republican 
Tom Osborne s1n92%Nebraska Republican 
Doug Ose s2n61%California Republican challenger 
Butch Otter s1n92%ID Republican Governor 
Michael Oxley s1n76%Ohio Republican 
Ron Paul s1n76%POTUS Republican (Libertarian 1988) 
Steve Pearce s1n100%New Mexico Republican 
Mike Pence s1n100%IN Republican Governor 
John Peterson s1n92%Pennsylvania Republican (Retired 2008) 
Tom Petri s1n92%Wisconsin Republican 
Chip Pickering s1n92%MS Republican challenger (2006), U.S. Rep. 
Joseph Pitts s1n100%Pennsylvania Republican 
Todd Platts s1n76%Pennsylvania Republican (Retiring 2012) 
Richard Pombo s1n92%California Republican 
Jon Porter s1n83%Nevada Republican (Unseated 2008) 
Rob Portman s1n92%OH Republican Jr Senator 
Deborah Pryce s2n61%Ohio Republican 
Jack Quinn s1n84%New York Republican/Ind./Cons. 
Jim Ramstad s1n69%Minnesota Republican (Retiring 2008) 
Ralph Regula s1n84%Ohio Republican (Retiring 2008) 
Dennis Rehberg s1n100%Montana Republican (Senate run 2014) 
Rick Renzi s1n100%Arizona Republican (Retiring 2008) 
Thomas Reynolds s1n92%New York Republican (Retiring 2008) 
Pat Roberts s1n100%KS Republican Sr Senator 
Hal Rogers s1n92%Kentucky Republican 
Michael Rogers s1n100%Alabama Republican 
Mike Rogers s1n92%Michigan Republican 
Dana Rohrabacher s1n84%California Republican 
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen s1n90%Florida Republican 
Ed Royce s1n92%California Republican 
Paul Ryan s1n91%POTUS Republican 
Jim Ryun s1n100%Kansas Republican 
Rick Santorum s1n100%PA Former Republican Senator (lost re-election, 2006) 
Jim Saxton s1n100%New Jersey Republican (Retiring 2008) 
Edward Schrock s1n92%Virginia Republican (Until 2004) 
James Sensenbrenner s1n76%Wisconsin Republican 
Jeff Sessions s1n100%AL Republican Sr Senator 
Pete Sessions s1n92%Texas Republican 
John Shadegg s1n100%Arizona Republican 
Clay Shaw s1n84%Florida Republican 
Christopher Shays s2n53%Connecticut Republican (Unseated 2008) 
Richard Shelby s1n100%AL Republican Jr Senator 
Don Sherwood s1n84%Pennsylvania Republican 
John Shimkus s1n100%Illinois Republican 
Bill Shuster s1n100%Pennsylvania Republican 
Rob Simmons s2n46%Connecticut Republican 
Mike Simpson s1n75%Idaho Republican 
Christopher Smith s1n100%New Jersey Republican 
Gordon Harold Smith s1n83%OR Former Republican Senator (lost re-election, 2008) 
Lamar Smith s1n92%Texas Republican 
Nick Smith s1n90%MI Former Republican challenger (2006), previously U.S. Rep 
Olympia Snowe s2n50%ME Republican Sr Senator 
Mark Souder s1n100%Indiana Republican (until 2010) 
Cliff Stearns s1n100%Florida Republican (Lost 2012 primary) 
Ted Stevens s1n83%AK Former Republican Sr Senator 
John Sullivan s1n100%Oklahoma Republican 
John Sununu s1n100%New Hampshire Republican 
John Sweeney s1n69%New York Republican/Conservative 
Jim Talent s1n100%Missouri Republican 
Tom Tancredo s1n100%CO Republican Gubernatorial Challenger 
Billy Tauzin s1n92%Louisiana Republican (Until 2004) 
Charles Taylor s1n92%North Carolina Republican 
Lee Terry s1n100%Nebraska Republican 
Bill Thomas s1n76%California Republican 
Craig Thomas s1n100%WY Former Republican Senator (deceased in office 2007) 
Mac Thornberry s1n100%Texas Republican 
Todd Tiahrt s1n100%Kansas Republican Challenger 
Pat Tiberi s1n76%Ohio Republican 
Pat Toomey s1n100%PA Republican Jr Senator 
Mike Turner s1n100%Ohio Republican 
Fred Upton s1n76%Michigan Republican 
David Vitter s1n100%LA Republican 2015 Gubernatorial candidate 
George Voinovich s1n100%OH Republican Sr Senator (retiring 2010) 
Greg Walden s1n69%Oregon Republican 
Jim Walsh s1n92%New York Rep./Ind. (Retiring 2008) 
Zach Wamp s1n100%Tennessee Republican (until 2010) 
John Warner s1n83%VA Former Republican Senator (retired 2008) 
Curt Weldon s1n100%Pennsylvania Republican 
Dave Weldon s1n100%FL Republican Senate Challenger (Lost primary) 
Jerry Weller s1n84%Illinois Republican (Retiring 2008) 
Ed Whitfield s1n100%Kentucky Republican 
Roger Wicker s1n100%Mississippi Republican (Senate 2008) 
Heather Wilson s1n76%New Mexico Republican (Senate 2008) 
Joe Wilson s1n92%South Carolina Republican 
Frank Wolf s1n84%Virginia Republican (retiring 2014) 
Bill Young s1n90%Florida Republican (Deceased 2013) 
Don Young s1n84%Alaska Republican 

Independents participating in 03n-CC

Joe Biden s3n16%DE Vice President 
Ginny Brown-Waite s1n100%Florida Former GOP (until 2010) 
Brad Carson s2n41%OK 2004 former Democratic challenger; US Representative 
Michael Castle s2n38%DE 2010 Senate Challenger (lost primary); previously Gov.& Rep. 
Mac Collins s1n92%GA 2004 former Republican challenger; US Representative 
Lincoln Diaz-Balart s1n90%Florida Former GOP (until 2010) 
Elizabeth Dole s1n100%NC Former Cabinet Member (Labor Sec'y) and Senator 
Tom Feeney s1n100%Florida Former GOP 
Harold Ford s3n33%NY 2010 Democratic Primary Challenger; previously US Rep (TN) 
Virgil Goode s1n100%POTUS Constitution Party Challenger 
Joseph Hoeffel s3n25%PA 2004 former Democratic challenger; US Representative 
John Hostettler s1n100%IN 2010 Senate Challenger (lost GOP primary); formerly US Rep. 
Darrell Issa s1n84%CA03 Former Initiator of Gubernatorial Recall (2003) 
Chris John s1n76%LA 2004 former Democratic challenger; US Representative 
Joseph Lieberman s3n0%CT Independent Sr Senator; Gore's VP nominee (Retiring) 
John Linder s1n83%Georgia Former GOP (until 2010) 
Denise Majette s3n8%GA 2004 former Democratic challenger; US Representative 
Kendrick Meek s3n10%FL 2010 Democratic Senate Challenger; currently US Rep. 
George Nethercutt s1n84%WA 2004 former Republican challenger; US Representative 
Adam Putnam s1n100%Florida Former GOP (until 2010) 
George Radanovich s1n91%California Former GOP (until 2010) 

Total recorded by OnTheIssues:

Democrats: 250
Republicans: 265
Independents: 21

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