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    This page lists memberships in organizations, for elected officials. Each organization determines its own rules for membership.

00-ADH11 on Nov 7, 2000

Membership Roster: religious affiliation:
Source: Adherents.com web site
The Adherents.com website is an independent project and is not supported by or affiliated with any organization (academic, religious, or otherwise).

Whatís an adherent?

The most common definition used in broad compilations of statistical data is somebody who claims to belong to or worship in a religion. This is the self-identification method of determining who is an adherent of what religion, and it is the method used in most national surveys and polls.

Such factors as religious service attendance, belief, practice, familiarity with doctrine, belief in certain creeds, etc., may be important to sociologists, religious leaders, and others. But these are measures of religiosity and are usually not used academically to define a personís membership in a particular religion. It is important to recognize there are various levels of adherence, or membership within religious traditions or religious bodies. Thereís no single definition, and sources of adherent statistics do not always make it clear what definition they are using.

  • Topic: Principles & Values
  • Headline: Religious affiliation: Catholic

  • Key for participation codes:
  • Sponsorships: p=sponsored; o=co-sponsored; s=signed
  • Memberships: c=chair; m=member; e=endorsed; f=profiled; s=scored
  • Resolutions: i=introduced; w=wrote; a=adopted
  • Cases: w=wrote; j=joined; d=dissented; c=concurred
  • Surveys: '+' supports; '-' opposes.

Democrats participating in 00-ADH11

John Baldacci s1rMaine Democrat 
James Barcia s1rMichigan Democrat 
Tom Barrett s1rWisconsin Democrat 
Xavier Becerra s1rCalifornia Democrat 
David Bonior s1rMichigan Democrat 
Robert Borski s1rPennsylvania Democrat 
Robert Brady s1rPennsylvania Democrat 
John Breaux s1rLA Former Democratic incumbent; retired 2004 
Michael Capuano s1rMA Former Democratic Primary Senate Challenger (2009) 
Bill Clay Sr. s1rMissouri Democrat (retired 2000) 
Jerry Costello s1rIllinois Democrat (Retiring 2012) 
William Coyne s1rPennsylvania Democrat 
Joseph Crowley s1rNew York Democrat 
Pat Danner s1rMissouri Democrat 
Tom Daschle s1rSD Former Democratic Senator 
Gray Davis s1rCA Former Democratic 
Peter Defazio s1rOregon Democrat 
Bill Delahunt s1rMassachusetts Democrat (until 2010) 
Rosa DeLauro s1rConnecticut Democrat 
John Dingell s1rMichigan Democrat (retiring 2014) 
Chris Dodd s1rCT Democratic Sr Senator (retiring 2010) 
Mike Doyle s1rPennsylvania Democrat 
Richard Durbin s1rIL Democratic Sr Senator 
Anna Eshoo s1rCalifornia Democrat 
Lane Evans s1rIllinois Democrat 
Parris Glendening s1rMD Former Democratic Governor (1995-2002) 
Charles Gonzalez s1rTexas Democrat (Retiring 2012) 
Luis Gutierrez s1rIllinois Democrat 
Tom Harkin s1rIA Democratic Jr Senator (retiring 2014) 
Maurice Hinchey s1rNew York Dem/Working-Fam.(Retired 2012) 
Ruben Hinojosa s1rTexas Democrat 
Tim Holden s1rPennsylvania Democrat (Lost 2012 Primary) 
Paul Kanjorski s1rPennsylvania Democrat (until 2010) 
Marcy Kaptur s1rOhio Democrat 
Ted Kennedy s1rMA Democratic Senator (until 2009) 
John Kerry s1rMA Democratic Sr Senator 
Dale Kildee s1rMichigan Democrat (Retiring 2012) 
Jerry Kleczka s1rWisconsin Democrat (Until 2004) 
Dennis Kucinich s1rOhio Democrat (Lost 2012 Primary) 
John LaFalce s1rNew York Democrat/Ind./Lib. (Until 2004 
Nicholas Lampson s1rTexas Democrat (Unseated 2008) 
Mary Landrieu s1rLA Democratic Sr Senator 
John Larson s1rConnecticut Democrat 
Patrick Leahy s1rVT Democratic Sr Senator 
William Lipinski s1rIllinois Democrat (Until 2004) 
Bill Luther s1rMinnesota Democrat/Farmer/Labor 
Jim Maloney s1rConnecticut Democrat (retired) 
Ed Markey s1rMA Democratic Challenger 
Frank Mascara s1rPennsylvania Democrat 
Carolyn McCarthy s1rNew York Dem. (retiring 2014) 
Karen McCarthy s1rMissouri Democrat (Until 2004) 
Jim McGovern s1rMassachusetts Democrat 
Cynthia McKinney s1rGeorgia Democrat 
Michael McNulty s1rNew York Dem./Cons. (Retiring 2008) 
Marty Meehan s1rMassachusetts Democrat (Retired 2007) 
Robert Menendez s1rNew Jersey Democrat 
Barbara Mikulski s1rMD Democratic Sr Senator 
George Miller s1rCalifornia Democrat (retiring 2014) 
Joe Moakley s1rMassachusetts Democrat (until 2001) 
James Moran s1rVirginia Democrat (retiring 2014) 
Pat Moynihan s1rNY Democratic Senator (Former) 
Patty Murray s1rWA Democratic Sr Senator 
John Murtha s1rPennsylvania Democrat (Deceased Feb. 2010) 
Grace Napolitano s1rCalifornia Democrat 
Richard Neal s1rMassachusetts Democrat 
James Oberstar s1rMinnesota Dem./Farmer/Labor (until 2010) 
David Obey s1rWisconsin Democrat (until 2010) 
Frank Pallone s1rNew Jersey Democrat 
Bill Pascrell s1rNew Jersey Democrat 
Ed Pastor s1rArizona Democrat (retiring 2014) 
Nancy Pelosi s1rCalifornia Democrat 
Charles Rangel s1rNew York Dem./Lib./Working-Families 
Jack Reed s1rRI Democratic Sr Senator 
Silvestre Reyes s1rTexas Democrat 
Ciro Rodriguez s1rTexas Democrat (until 2010) 
Tim Roemer s1rIndiana Democrat 
Lucille Roybal-Allard s1rCalifornia Democrat 
Loretta Sanchez s1rCalifornia Democrat 
Jose Serrano s1rNew York Democrat/Liberal 
Don Siegelman s1rAL Former Democratic Governor (1999-2002) 
Bart Stupak s1rMichigan Democrat (until 2010) 
Ellen Tauscher s1rCalifornia Former Democrat (until 2009) 
Gene Taylor s1rMississippi Democratic Challenger 
Mike Thompson s1rCalifornia Democrat 
Jim Traficant s1rOhio Democrat 
Nydia Velazquez s1rNew York Democrat/Working-Families 
Bruce Vento s1rMinnesota Democrat/Farmer/Labor 
Tom Vilsack s1rIA Former Democratic Governor (1994-2002); Cabinet Sec'y (USDA) 
Peter Visclosky s1rIndiana Democrat 
Robert Weygand s1rRhode Island Democrat 

Republicans participating in 00-ADH11

Bill Archer s1rTexas Republican 
Brian Bilbray s1rCalifornia Republican 
Sherry Boehlert s1rNew York Republican/Independence 
John Boehner s1rOhio Republican 
Kevin Brady s1rTexas Republican 
Jim Bunning s1rKY Republican Jr Senator (retiring 2010) 
Jeb Bush s1rFL Republican Governor 
Sonny Callahan s1rAlabama Republican 
Dave Camp s1rMichigan Republican (Retiring 2014) 
Paul Celucci s1rMA02 Former Republican Governor (1999-2001) 
Steve Chabot s1rOhio Republican 
Susan Collins s1rME Republican Sr Senator 
Christopher Cox s1rCalifornia Republican 
Mike DeWine s1rOH Former Republican Senator (lost re-election, 2006) 
Pete Domenici s1rNM Former Republican Senator (retired 2008) 
John Engler s1rMI Former Republican Governor (1991-2002) 
Phil English s1rPennsylvania Republican (Unseated 2008) 
Peter Fitzgerald s1rIL Former Republican incumbent; retired 2004 
Mark Foley s1rFlorida Republican 
Michael Forbes s1rNew York Republican (retired) 
Vito Fossella s1rNew York Rep./Cons. challenger 
Greg Ganske s1rIA Former Republican Nominee (2002) 
Mark Green s1rWisconsin Republican 
Gil Gutknecht s1rMinnesota Republican 
Doc Hastings s1rWashington Republican (retiring 2014) 
Jane Dee Hull s1rAZ Former Republican Governor (1997-2002) 
Kenny Hulshof s1rMissouri Republican (Governor 2008) 
Henry Hyde s1rIllinois Republican 
Mike Johanns s1rNE Former Republican Governor (2005-2007); elected Senator 2008 
Walter Beaman Jones s1rNorth Carolina Republican 
Frank Keating s1rOK00 Former Republican Governor (1995-2002) 
Peter King s1rNew York Rep./Ind./Cons./Right-To-Life 
Joe Knollenberg s1rMichigan Republican (Unseated 2008) 
Ray LaHood s1rIllinois Republican (Retiring 2008) 
Rick Lazio s1rNew York Republican Candidate (Former) 
Frank LoBiondo s1rNew Jersey Republican 
Connie Mack s1rFL Former Republican Senator (until 2000) 
Marty Martinez s1rCalifornia Republican 
John McHugh s1rNew York Republican/Conservative 
Scott McInnis s1rColorado Republican (Until 2004) 
Connie Morella s1rMaryland Republican 
Frank Murkowski s1rAK Former Republican Governor (2002-2006) 
Bob Ney s1rOhio Republican 
Don Nickles s1rOK Former Republican incumbent; retired 2004 
Anne Meagher Northup s1rKentucky Republican 
William Owens s1rCO Former Republican Governor (1999-2006) 
George Pataki s1rNY Former Republican Governor (1995-2006) 
Richard Pombo s1rCalifornia Republican 
Jack Quinn s1rNew York Republican/Ind./Cons. 
Marc Racicot s1rMT00 Former Republican Governor (1993-2000) 
Tom Ridge s1rPA Former Republican Governor (1995-2001); DHS Cabinet Sec'y 
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen s1rFlorida Republican 
John Rowland s1rCT Former Republican Governor (1995-2004) 
Ed Royce s1rCalifornia Republican 
Paul Ryan s1rPOTUS Republican 
Rick Santorum s1rPA Former Republican Senator (lost re-election, 2006) 
Clay Shaw s1rFlorida Republican 
Joe Skeen s1rNew Mexico Former Republican 
Christopher Smith s1rNew Jersey Republican 
John Sununu s1rNew Hampshire Republican 
John Sweeney s1rNew York Republican/Conservative 
Billy Tauzin s1rLouisiana Republican (Until 2004) 
Pat Toomey s1rPA Republican Jr Senator 
David Vitter s1rLA Republican Jr Senator; previously Representative 
George Voinovich s1rOH Republican Sr Senator (retiring 2010) 
Jim Walsh s1rNew York Rep./Ind. (Retiring 2008) 

Independents participating in 00-ADH11

Joe Biden s1rDE Vice President 
Tom Campbell s1rCA 2010 Republican Challenger (lost primary) 
Michael Castle s1rDE 2010 Senate Challenger (lost primary); previously Gov.& Rep. 
Lincoln Diaz-Balart s1rFlorida Former GOP (until 2010) 
Carl Gutierrez s1rGU00 Former Guam Governor 
Chris John s1rLA 2004 former Democratic challenger; US Representative 
George Radanovich s1rCalifornia Former GOP (until 2010) 
Bob Schaffer s1rCO Former GOP Senate Challenger (2008) 
Bob Smith s1rFL 2010 Challenger; lost FL GOP primary; previous NH Senator 
Tommy Thompson s1rUS Cabinet-2005 
Robert Underwood s1rGuam - 

Total recorded by OnTheIssues:

Democrats: 90
Republicans: 66
Independents: 11

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